thinking of listing mischa bartons burberry dress for 120 what do you think

  1. im thinking of listing mischa bartons burberry dress size small for only 120 what do you think??
    615.jpg 07042518392126146.jpg
  2. I think you might be bombarded with authenticity questions, what did this retail at? I'm assuming around the $1k mark?
  3. if you put it in with a reserve, why not. otherwise you might lose a lot if it doesn't pick up. you just never know.

    as for Mischa - all I have to say is: sweat 'cushions', great for your arm pits.
  4. ^^ LOL! I thought the same
  5. thats such a pretty frock!! easy worth that and lots more,,,,,, itss s

    cept the wet patch
    its so good to know it happens to them
  6. Are you trying to sell on this forum? You posted this on the burberry section too but Addy removed it. Selling is not allowed unless you are granted on the MP.
  7. Also, unless the dress you're selling actually belonged to Mischa, then please don't list it as Mischa Barton's burberry dress. That and using photos of her can be construde as Keyword Spamming, so please be careful.