Thinking of joining the Mitzy Hobo club!

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  1. Hello ladies :biggrin: I am considering joining the Mitzy Hobo club but have a couple of questions for those who already have the bag. I am probably edging towards the normal 'large' one rather than the new 'medium' one.

    How comfortable is the handle? It looks a little severe on the website but I like the idea of having a big bag to sling over my shoulder and be hands free.

    How much can you fit inside the bag? Is it comparable to a Bays or the A4 Roxy tote, or even the OS Alexa (which I am using at the moment).

    How easy is it to get in and out of? The pictures on Mulberry make it seem like the opening is a little small and narrow compared to the actual size of the bag.

    Thanks in advance. :graucho:
  2. Hi, I have 2 medium mitzy hobos. I did buy the large black one but changed it for the medium black one instead. In the shop I put all my stuff into the large one and everything was just lost in it - it was very deep in there! I found the large one VERY big, but I guess it depends on your needs & what you need to carry.

    I use the medium everyday. The pebble grain leather is lovely and the handle does soften after a few weeks. It is a very light bag and comfy to wear on the shoulder. It is also easy to carry in the crook of your arm. I have no problem getting stuff in or out and the clasp is magnetic. I never worry about safety, the opening of the bag is right in under your armpit so it is hard to get at. The medium is a bit of deceptive, it is bigger than it seems. I love the dark brown strap too.

    I carry a large wallet, tissues, make-up bag, phone, keys, small umbrella, sunglasses, gloves and when I have my son with me his allergy meds (a pencil case size bag). When the bag is full it does not balloon out at all or feel overloaded.

    I loved the black one so much I went out and bought an oak medium last week for the summer. I have a bays which I think I'm going to get rid of. Too big for me. I also have an EW bays which is perfect for everyday but the medium mitzy holds more stuff.

    The mitzy is perfect for a night out too.
  3. ^^ this is really helpful.

    I will put the other side of the argument over - for the large one - if you are a bayswater size person - ie need to carry books and papers and several purses/make up bag etc, then the large is prob a better size - emmay lou found the bays too big - i find it just about big enough so we are clearly differnt.

    however i totally agree about the strap being really comfy - much more than you would ever think! Agree re the opening too - a great review.
  4. Yes please join. I love the Mitzy Hobo. I have the large one, being 6' tall it suits me well :smile: It was the first Mulberry bag I bought, and it carries loads and is still comfortable to wear. A great everyday bag I would say.
  5. Thanks for the advice so far. I do tend to carry a lot (the usual stuff plus lunchbox and big books) so the larger one is probably for me. I am planning to use it as a workbag.

    I will go and squish/squeeze some Mitzy's IRL this weekend.
  6. I love the Mitzy. I could fit a dress in mine, which I bought from Next today (as well as my usual bits) and still had loads of room. But it still looks great even if it's not filled.
    The only downside is that it's sometimes hard to find all your bits etc.
  7. I too have a the larger version in black and it is a great bag, when I opened the box my first thought was crikey that's big! But I'm 5' 7" and size 10/12 and it looks fine on me. Do find myself scrabbling around in the bottom though sometimes! Well not me physically but I'm sure you know what I mean!
  8. I have two of the larger Mitzy hobos, oak and turquoise and I love them. They do fit a lot, I usually carry a purse, make up bag, keys, three phones, tissues, book, organiser (cuddly toy, set of saucepans!!).
    It's easy to get into, the only thing is trying to reach into it when it's on the shoulder as it's too deep to get to the bottom.
    The strap softens with use. I found both mine stiff to start with but they've both become softer and are really comfortable now.
  9. I'm never more than a few mins from home. I spend my day dashing between school and home so a medium bag suits me. However if I had a commute & was gone for the day and had books/folders/a bit of shopping to cart around, I think the larger mitzy would be perfect.
  10. The medium is great for round town tho - I use my mitzy messenger for dashing on errands and doing as u describe emmy lou.
  11. Just agreeing with everyone else. I have large in oak and at the moment it's the bag I reach for most. Gorgeous leather and easy to use. I find the handle really comfy. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending it.
  12. I use my regular (large size/first season) Mitzy for college - it can hold a lot and then some. I love it, it is very easy to get in and out of if you keep things you need to grap quickly (wallet, cell phone, keys) inside one of the interior pockets. And the handle softens up quickly, so it'll be very comfortable soon. Hope you find one and will love it as much as I do!
  13. Okay update now!

    I am still thinking about the black large Mitzy Hobo but the Daria Hobo in Ink has now joined in to cloud my judgement!
    I think the pebbled leather on the Mitzy is more tough and practical but the Daria is a gorgeous colour and I love the plaited handle but it is more expensive and I already have a Daria satchel. I blame the woman I saw carrying the Daria Hobo in orange last weekend!
    I guess they are roughly the same size capacity-wise?

  14. I just got the Medium Mitzy yesterday and used her for the first time last night. Her handle is stiff but I have been told that it will loosen up. Even with that said, I thought she was very comfortable and I wore her over my shoulder with a winter coat (a north face down long jacket/coat). I really could not believe how light it was. I have in there my continental purse, sunglass case which is very bulky, small card case, a makeup bag with some odd female bits in there, keys and a change purse as well as a few little bits like pill holder, etc. Very comfy. I would recommend getting one.
  15. :yes: they are indeed roughly the same size.

    I love my Daria .. may need to add another one at some point .. tho not any time soon :nuts: