Thinking of going on an "indirect ban"

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I'd do the following...

  1. 1 Bag per QUARTER

  2. 1 Bag per HALF YEAR

  3. Something else? 1 per every 4 months? Or else?

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  1. ... so I was thinking that if I have a goal to look forward to, it would be easier to appreciate my purchases more and it would also help the uncontrolled spending issue :P. As I was talking to DH today about my idea, he liked it, but we weren't quite sure about the terms.

    So here's what I'm thinking-

    have an allowance for 1 bag per quarter


    have an allowance for 1 bag per half year

    The only thing I have is- what's more reasonable, and what's easier to follow? Right now I've been buying a little more than I should. I'd personally like the "1 per QUARTER" much better than "1 per HALF YEAR", but then again I'm not working with 2 little kids at home and he's the only one working, I personally don't think 1 a quarter would break the bank, but is it reasonable enough for him since he's the one working? I'm thinking it may be selfish? But then again, it's not as much as what i've spent on bags in the past month alone... but i've not kept every bag i got either, and they were all funded by selling an older one... that's now over, so what would be a fair option? he proposed 1 every half a year, and it seemd insane to me at first, looking at how i've just been spending lol, but the more i think about it, is it the "more reasonable" thing to do? I don't know why I can't think clear about this right now. Can you give me your thougts/advise?
  2. I think a bag every 3 months is reasonable. Good luck! And you shouldn't feel guilty at all. I'm a student/SAHM and I think its necessary to treat yourself every now and again.
  3. Perhaps you two can come to an arrangement and do three per year? Although, the prospect of buying a new bag before the seasons start is nice. I think two per year may sound good on paper... but is not very realistic. Three or four per year is a good number - not including accessories of course, right? :lol:
  4. I would say 1 per quarter would probably be more easy to stick with. That way each season you could get the bag you love. I know I wouldn't stick to one or two per year.

    If your husband thinks 4 bags a year is doable, go for it!
  5. I get 3-4 bags a year. One for my birthday in June, one for our anniversary in October, and one for Christmas. Then the other is up for grabs-meaning I may get one while on vacation, or when we go out of town (no Coach stores near us) And let me tell you I so look forward to these dates. It makes my bags feel more special.
    You need to remember that you do work. Maybe not outside the home, but it is work. And you deserve a little something for yourself every few months.
  6. When I look at my collection, being "into" Coach for about 2 years now, I have 5 bags (well, and some smaller ones for evening/special situations--like crossbodys for concerts, football games, etc.--that I got for a steal at the outlet). One was a *Bay purchase (my very first one), one was FP (w/ PCE) and the rest were outlet finds. 5 bags (that I kept) in 2 years...that's one per 5 months. I just got a new one though tonight (picking up tomorrow), so that makes 6. So that's about 1 per 4 months. I don't count small bags and accessories, though, and even though I shop outlet, that can still add up! A lot of small purchases can add up to a big amount at the end of the day! LOL!
  7. I think one per quarter is pretty reasonable. I'm likely putting myself on the same ban!
  8. I think one every 6 months would be much harder to do, but if 1 per quarter seems like too much, I'd try Stacee's suggestion of 3 per year as a compromise (that works out to 1 every 4 months which is livable). I think an indirect ban is a good idea, but are you going to have any allowance for accessories, or just stick to bags?
  9. ita
  10. that i haven't quite figured out. i usually try not to get too many acessories in general, I don't do scarfes and once a while i get a fob, i've got a couple wristlets that i am more than happy with and they match my wallets, so i'm good with that. I love my accordeon zip gramercy wallet, and can't imagine changing out of it any time soon... so i'm trying to stay away from acessories as they do add up way too fast... so i wouldn't put a cap on acessories since i am already limiting myself on those...
  11. i vote a bag every three months.
  12. I feel your dilemma here and I think it will just depend on what you and your husband deem 'doable' on the income that you have. It'd be awesome to be able to have a new bag every quarter, but sometimes that is not realistic for everyone. I just threw the situation out there to my husband and he agreed that 1 Bag per Half Year is reasonable. Currently he is our primarily income, I am unemployed and looking, and no children yet. I admire you and am trying to set up some similar limitations for myself. It is soooo hard, but many girls here show it's achievable! Good luck! ^_^
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    I think one bag every 3 months is very reasonable.

    Before tPF this is how I operated and I did it for years, and believe me--it wasn't the end of the world. I never sold anything, I never stressed, or hunted...I looked forward to my purchases. I made sure what I was buying was quality--because clearly it wasn't quantity. I would look at all my options, and I was always really happy because whatever I bought was something I really lusted after.

    I think that it's wonderful that you've put your purchases into perspective...a bunch of little things add up quickly, and I think it's smart to check yourself before you develop guilt over it and it stops being fun. 4 bags a year is still a lot...sure it isn't an insane amount, but it's extremely respectable. You will have a wonderful collection!


    What if, instead of one bag, you developed a budget per quarter? It could be as reasonable as you wanted. But that way, instead of saying "one bag" you could look at it in dollars and cents. Maybe you score at the outlet one quarter and get three bags...maybe another quarter you could get the newest FP release...but that way you can continue to nurture your interest while continuing to keep yourself realistic...
  14. 4 bags a year sounds more reasonable to me :yes:
  15. can't help u on that..
    i was saying the same thing to myself..
    and suddenly, all these awesome deals pops up on ebay..
    and then my palms started to sweat..
    and my eyeballs started to pop out..
    and my fingers clicking the b-i-n icon..
    and well.. you know the rest.. :rolleyes: