Thinking of giving Edith a 2nd chance

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  1. I recently returned a whiskey edith to NM and after seeing everyones pics of the chamois edith I am falling in love with that color!! I think I would like to give her another try! Anyone know where I can find a medium edith in chamois?? I tried ordering her from bobellis several days ago and they sent me an e-mail saying they had oversold her and my order was cancelled:sad: Now I am on a mission to find one!!:smile:
  2. IMO, I think the Ediths are becoming more available but you have to be prepared to act quick if you find one. Keep checking NM online. Also, you may want to call or visit a NM or Saks and get a SA to try to hunt one down for you. A good SA really goes to work for you. You may want to consider the grey also. I had the chance to see both IRL and both of those colors give the Chloe leather a beautiful look.
  3. PGN, I have the chamois and am thinking I may go with the whiskey, so if you are interested in my chamois medium, PM me. It came from Saks, arrived...geez...Monday of this week? The leather is just amazing, and the bag is beautiful. I just don't want to keep both (okay, I DO, but I can't justify the $$$). There are pics on the board here.
  4. I found one! ET-I pm'd you.I just got back from Saks and my SA actually had one in the back. One of the other SAs had it on hold for someone but they let my SA sell it to me! I'll post pics soon. Thanks ET for offering me yours- I would have bought it from you otherwise! Maybe you should consider keeping it?!? It's an awesome color!! I know what you mean about $$-I've had a VERY expensive morning-I can't wait to post my pics in the hermes forum.....:biggrin:
  5. Hermes? Uh HAVE had an expensive morning!
  6. Congrats! I wasn't as crazy about the chamois color when I first saw the ads, but now that the girls are getting them and posting their pictures, it's definitely a fabulous color and I love it! Glad you were able to find another one so quick.