Thinking of getting this MJ bag, does anybody have it?

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  1. I just found out that I'm getting it as a gift in the Chestnut color with black stripes!!! It should be here any day. That particular style is called Hudson. Do a thread search for it. I know there has been a lot of discussion about the whole line. It's the Spring 06 line I think. Also called striping (because all the styles have the stripes of contrasting colored leather).
  2. Congrats Lawchick. =)
  3. thank you so much for all your help! ;) That helped alot!
  4. i looooooove my hudson :smile: i've had it for over a month, and i still smile the whole time i'm carrying it. best bag purchase ever!

  5. Oh yeah! I'm so excited, they have one at Nordies that they're holding for me until tomorrow. :wlae:

  6. I have one too, it's taken a little getting used to (it's really heavy IMO, mine is leather-lined, that might be why) but I think it's a classic bag that you'll get a lot of use out of. Congrats!
  7. ^I'm getting excited now! I love getting new bags....unfortunately for my dh I like the EXPENSIVE ones! :graucho: I'm next on the list for the Chanel Coco Cabas in Bronze!!! Woohoooo! I see a great Christmas in my future! :yahoo:

    Thanks for your input!!
  8. I wonder if Nordies will price match the ScoopNyc price? it was $799, but they may have sold out.
  9. Ug I love both. I'm on the hunt for Chesnut right now. I'm soooo loving that color.
  10. I checked the scoopnyc website, it's gone now...
  11. :love: luv my bags, i have the hudson in chestnut and I love it! it is seriously the most gorgeous bag i have ever had. it is heavy, but at 5'3 i can fit it over my shoulder even with a winter coat on. i love her and i am sure you will :heart: :heart: :heart: yours too! congrats and post pics when you pick up your new bag!

    elongreach are you still looking for a hudson? how do you like your trish? i was torn between the two- because i really wanted a comfortable shoulder bag (the trish) but i was in love with the shape of the hudson.
  12. If you decide to get Hudson in Chestnut or Dark Brown, they are available at BlueBee online (Santa Barbara, CA). They are offering 20% All Designers this Friday until Sunday, shipping is free too.

    The details can be found in this post:

  13. I called Neimans San Francisco, they still have the Chestnut available.