thinking of getting the NINA...

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  1. Hi, i'm thinking of getting the NINA, i've been staring at this bag for sooo long, usually my money goes to jeans..but recently, ahh i want this nina in slate sooo badly!!

    can anyone who has the nina provide any info? how does it wear? does it change colours? i've read in the forum that they found it turned yellow! as well, how does the chain feel against clothing? i'm always worried it will snag my clothes but it's soo chic looking..

  2. Hey, I love the Nina. It is such a functional bag and the chain detailing is to die for. However, I'll probably get this bag in Black if you don't want to worry too much about hurting it.
  3. Be aware that the chain is very chunky and very heavy. It doesn't look like it but the chain weighs more than the bag I'd say. The Bag is too small for my needs so I sold it. The chain makes the bag I think but also could be a minus if you don't want the weight. It is removeable however and you can carry it by the handle. Darling bag.
  4. Here's pics of the Nina I had. My hubby is modeling. You can see how thick the chain is and approximately how big it is.


  5. thanks so much! hehe husband looks so good modelling pics..
  6. I saw the Nina in 3 colors- blonde, brown, and black- for $242.50 at Gracie's ( They also had a black Phoebe for $147.50.
  7. thank you!!! that's wonderful!!
  8. I'm happy to enable. ;)
  9. I have Lexie's Nina! Sweet little bag for sure. I love the chain look myself so for me it's a definite plus. Hope you get one!

  10. I LOVED that bag. LOVED IT! If only it was a little bigger. I would have ended up never using it. I have seen it pop up on eBay and felt compelled to get it again. Isn't that ridiculous? But it wouldn't be the first time I rebought a bag. I was almost ready to ask Bessie to get me one at the Moving sale but I controlled myself.