Thinking of getting the Blackberry pearl...

  1. I lost my phone over the weekend and havent been able to find it, If I cant find it over the weekend, I will need a new one and I am thinking about the blackberry pearl. I was wondering who has it and how they like it, and is it worth the extra $?
  2. Who's your cell service with?
  3. I have the red blackberry pearl and I love it, let me warn you now that it is very hard to get use to, but is worth it. I got mine for $150 with a new service plan. If you could pay $300 I think its worth it. The phone is actualy very durable, you could buy a clear cover for it, which is amazing.

    Good Luck
  4. It's a cool phone, but if I remember correctly, you have to pay an extra monthly fee to use blackberry's network on top of whatever plan you get through your cell phone company, which is :tdown: for me.
  5. I love mine. It's super functional! :tup:
  6. I have and I LOOOOVE it...
  7. Yeah thats true I pay $30 a month for it, but I am thinking of canceling it since I always have my laptop with me.
  8. i'm holdin out for verizon to get the curve. i can't deal with the pearl's two letters per key thing. i have an sk for tmobile and a cell from verizon
  9. I got it last night!!I paid 200 for it with a $50 rebate. I love it so far I got it in blue it is supercute. I have t-mobile, I have to pay an extra $20 a month for the internet but to me it is worth it.
  10. Thats great, there is a program you can download that will make the lil ball turn different colors. :smile: