Thinking of getting my first Chanel...

  1. Hi, everyone! Was planning on getting my first chanel, I usually carry LV but I wanna switch it up. Which one should be a good first? I realy like the cambon totes though. :confused1:
  2. A cambon tote is a great first Chanel piece. The bowler was my first piece and I love it. It also depends on what you'll be using it for. Will it be an everyday bag? Check out the Chanel subforums. There are tons of bags you might like. Be careful, your first Chanel piece could be the start of a new addiction. :biggrin:
  3. ^^ Agree!! I love my Cambon tote. It is practical, hip and classy. If you like this ligne, I say go for it!!
  4. Cambon is great. . . price range?
    Any preferences? Colors, arm or shoulder bag. . . . ?
  5. I recommend the large tote and love the black on black for a first bag! Take a look at the cambon thread in the reference library and let us know if you have specific questions on any of the bags.
  6. yeah I really like the large tote with black on black or the beige. Either that or the bowler in either of those colors. I'm looking for a shoulder bag preferably. Probably just when I go out or a purse for school/work for days I don't have to carry many things. I'm not really familiar with any other styles except for the cambon. I really like the reporter but I think it's around $3000 right? and that might be going a little overboard. What are the prices ranges around now for the large tote or the bowler I was thinking of getting it when I go to Vegas next month. Also does the white get dirty fast? or how do you clean it? It's really pretty but I'm scared I'll get it dirty so I'm leaning toward the beige or black. OMG I know this is going to be the start of a new addiction!!
  7. I have the large cambon tote flap bag (tan/Black CC's), and I love it!!!! I think the Cambon would be a great first bag.
  8. I went a bit Cambon overboard and have 2 large totes (black and beige) and 2 reporters in black and beige as well!! I am not the model for restraint!! yes, this is addicting!
  9. ^lol well I'm just a college student so I don't plan on splurging that much yet. I just want my first one to be satisfying enough until I can afford more.
  10. I'd go for the large Cambon Tote, my NM had it yesterday, I wore it around for a few minutes, it's a GREAT bag! It was $1495.
    Or try teh Grand Shopping Tote in caviar, VERY durable, it's $1650-$1995.
  11. I think almost anything in Caviar leather is a good choice for your first Chanel bag esp since its so durable. The Grand shopping tote or the Gold/Silver Medallion shopping tote are both nice.
  12. I have the large cambon tote in blk/blk & I LOVE it! I am also getting a beige/blk bowler! I love the cambon line!! The tote is great for class stuff bc it fits soooo much! Thats what I use it for. It's a little big for me for everyday use, which is why I am getting the bowler, for going out!
  13. can anyone post pictures of your suggestions?

    im also in the market to buy another chanel..ant pics would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance!
  14. There's a TON of photos in our Reference Library, almost all include dtyle names and prices.
    here's a photo of the Grand Shopping tote in Black/GOld - $1650.
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1335.jpg
  15. thanks everyone. I'm really leaning towards a bowler since it looks good to use to go out though I'm still a little torn between the large tote. I really like that grand shopping tote also. It looks very roomy (maybe later hehe). Hopefully I will get it soon, maybe my birthday present to myself next month. :yahoo: can't wait!