Thinking of getting a vernis houston?


Apr 23, 2006
Anyone have a vernis houston bag? I want to get the bright pink one...but don't know how versatile the color is though & the white one will get dirty easily. How well will the patent leather hold up? Is the houston bag too small as an everyday bag? The opening of the bag seem to be small. Anyone have pictures of the houston on their shoulder that they want to share? Lastly, is $900 US a good price to pay for a barely used bright pink color houston bag (leather darken a little bit) ?Thanks a lot!
The vernis material holds up very well, especially the darker colors like the framboise you're considering. $900 is a good price for the framboise one by the way..and here it is as a shoulder bag:
I have one and I love it but thinking about selling since I have it in peppermint and it doesn´t really go with my clothes:s A red Houston would be hot!!