Thinking of getting a Stam

  1. ...finally! I loved the bag when it first came out but couldn't afford it. Now they have second hand ones in stores in Hong Kong and I'm so tempted to grab a beige (sorry I'm not familiar with the proper names of the colours). Do you ladies think I should go for it? Or do you think I should save up for another MJ bag/ a newer colour Stam?

    Also, is the Stam heavy? I usually carry my whole life in my bag and I don't really need the extra weight :p

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Make sure that you do your research on the Stams before you buy one second hand.

    I think that the Stams are really heavy, even without the chain. If you get a 2006 version, they barely fit over the, you have to be committed to using the bag as a "hand" bag or tote. I think the Stam is very nice, but not as a work or "throw everything in there" bag.

    Good luck!
  3. thanks for the response, Suli!

    I'll def. go to a reputable store to buy it if i choose to get a second hand stam. in fact, i plan on checking out milan station tomorrow haha!

    i guess i'll need to carry it myself to know if it's heavy or not...

    suli, you mentioned that the '06 version is smaller so does that mean that the older ones are a better choice?

    thanks again!
  4. The older ones were less structured and had suede lining.... They're very rare these days. The new ones have canvas lining and don't mold as well so SuLi is right, it's basically a satchel bag unless you use the chain on your shoulder. To make the bag lighter you could always remove the chain. Good luck with your bag!
  5. YUp i'd be very careful of buying from a secondhand store. make sure it looks right - visit the MJ boutique in HK to see the real stuff so you know how it looks. too many fakes from china...

    i heard the prices for LV items very close to retail sometimes. not sure about MJ but if that's the case as well you'd be better off buying it from the boutique.

    I've looked at the stams a couple of times and they can be a tad heavy. removing the chain helps but i love the chain :confused1:

    I have shoulder problems and the bag was too heavy by the time i threw in my cosmetic bag, wallet, cell, keys , etc etc... but it's a great looking bag tho!!