Thinking of getting a Silverado

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm thinking of getting a Silverado and most possibly the one that Nicole is carrying in the picture. I was never too hot about silverados but Nicole made it look so good! (and a python one too!)

    (And I must add I love her boots. :love:)

    I would like to know what you ladies think of the silverados, it's like so last season I know with all the lovely ediths, paddys flooding the forums now. And which style do you like because the python ones are not really everyone's cup of tea.

    If you own a silverado, pretty please post a pic for me? Thx! I'm really interested in your opinions.
  2. A few people have this for sale in the WTS threads!
  3. chidzuyo, I sent you a PM.
  4. I, too, am just starting to get into them now. I think they're cool!
  5. SoCal is selling her Python and I think it's the same color as Nicole's!!

    I have the large leather tote in chocolate and agree the Silverado is one cool bag.
  6. ^^ The spring 06 Silverado is a little different than Nicole's. But it is the closest in color in terms of any of the Silverados that have been produced by Chloe since the original 2004 bag. The 2006 Silverado is a washed python, and it has contrasting browns. The lightest brown in the bag is the color of Nicole's. The leather on the top of the bag is more of a chocolate brown, and there is a chocolate brown interspersed throughout the bag with the cognac shade brown. I personally like the bag a little darker myself, and the contrast is very rich and a nice touch. I think the mix of dark/light is slightly more versatile and a little classier looking.

    There are currently two python Silverados in the Marketplace: SoCal's large python, and a traditional satchel style python (same size as Nicole's). Both bags in tMP are the same color python.
  7. I have one in chocolate all leather and it's heavenly. I can't do exotic skins and I too loved Nicole's, so I decided to go the all leather route. It's one of my favorite bags.
  8. I love this bag! I seriously think its one of the hottest bags out there right now! Angst and SoCal - if I could, I would buy yours in a minute!
  9. Awww...thank you!
  10. I love the Sliverado, its my favorite Chloe. If they come out with a black one ( again ) for the fall, I may be in trouble
  11. Thanks for the mention, jag. I've had a number of inquiries about my brown python Silverado, but it has yet to be sold. This bag really is killer; it's gorgeous and chic with a very cool edge to it. It is by far my favorite Chloe bag.
  12. I am just getting into the Silverado but I would only really want one in python....what are the prices/sizes for the python?
  13. okay wow, I'm embarrassed what does the bag look like?????
  14. Janice - you should be able to see a few in the PurseForum MarketPlace!
  15. okay thanks will do.