Thinking of getting a Mens wallet soon!

  1. Hey there ladies! ii need a little bit of assistance.

    I'm looking forward to going shopping right after school tomorrow [im a Junior in HS], and im planning on going to the D&G Sample Sale, along with a few other stores in the SoHo area like Burberry, A/X, Bloomingdales, etc.

    And i've already estimated the amount of money im going to i kinda have an idea that I won't have enough to go to LV right after i've hit up those stores =[

    so I was thinking, instead of waiting for me to gather up $270+ tax all at once, why not do what a few of my friends did when buying shoes.. do it lay-away !

    My friends have done this many time with LV Sneakers. So I was thinking of doing it, but I wasn't too sure if it was a good idea.

    How does it work? Do they expect the full payment at a certain date? How much is the deposit?

    This is the wallet i've chosen! [bifold damier canvas]

    It's listed as a women's wallet in the women's section..but it does the same thing as the men's, and its $100 cheaper..So hey, why not! :yes:

    However, it did have some competition. The monogram canvas is listed in the men's for the exact same price. But I always felt that the damier canvas was more 'manly', if that makes any sense lol.

    Or this fine bifold Gucci wallet for $215.. which I thought was pretty neat.. still not too sure if I want it though.

    Decisions, decisions! :cursing:

    Thanks for your help! :smile: