Thinking of getting a large bag

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  1. I am thinking about a large work bag to carry together with smaller bag, or as a carry-on

    Mulberry East West large Sludge suede bayswater

    could go with personal bags like:


    YSL anthracite besace

    or even Coach top handle legacy

    Any thoughts?

    Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue carries it well
  2. The Alexa doesn't strike me as a work bag.I don't know how much you intend to carry but the ladies who own them don't seem to carry a lot in them for fear of the handles breaking. E/W bays in suede, looks lovely but won't the suede look battered if used daily? If it was me I would look at a A4 roxy or the last one you have pictured.
  3. I vote for the suede e/w bay! I think it looks fantastic :yes:
  4. How much battering would you want your large work bag to take? Would you want to be able to carry it on the shoulder or handheld?

    I like the large east wet bays, but I don't think it will fit on the shoulder and it would get pretty heavy when full. Also, I think it may need a lot of babying if you want to keep it pristine.

    Are there any other large bags you are considering?
  5. I have the regular Grey Suede Bays and it holds up suprisingly well to the use I give it, still looks new - so they are not fragile! Though I protect mine regularly with a waterstop spray.
  6. thanks so much girls...I am in love with grey suede regular bays, but I do have YSL Muse II in suede and the size is so simolar, even the type is similar a bit.

    When I saw this EW large Bays, wow !!!

    I just tote student papers and my books, and need additional small bag for my personal stuff, so YSL besace, which I have, seems like a great match.

    We have extremely cold, clean, white winter, absolutelly nothing to get my bags dirty and I boldly wear suede for several months, so this large Bays seemed so perfect.

    I saw only one mod pic of it on the forum, and don't know if it is more luggage or a large work bag. Photo of Anna seems like what I would like it to be.

    I would carry it together with Alexa (Alexa with my personal stuff because it is "kind of" fragile), or with Besace or Coach...
  7. hand held, I woudl have my personal bag on the shoulder...and considering our clean, long, frozen, white winter, it would be clean as new, like all my suede boots, jackets, bags are - like when I got them :biggrin: one nice feature of this cold :graucho:
  8. The Large E/W Bays is a BIG bag - I got one by accident (!) and was shocked by the size - it's more like an overnight bag IMO, and quite heavy.

    If you'd like to see scruffy modelling pics on a 5'3/1m60 person, have a look here.
  9. Oh, well at least such a cold winter can have it's advantages, sounds much better than when we have rubbish snow. That's what annoys me about our winter, limits the bags I can use and my Muse IIs cannot come out as much!

    The grey sludge suede sounds more durable than I thought, but I'm guessing yu would have to buy online and so couldn't try it out first to see what you think of the size?
  10. Wow tp. I would never have thought it was so big. That's a great reference point!
  11. The E/W Bays is GIANT but lovely. I don't think it will be easy to handle though, because of its size and weight.
  12. i would go for the oversized alexa. the sldge e/w bays is HUGE!
  13. I have no advice to give you. But I love your YSL anthracite besace :biggrin:
  14. WOW, it is big, I am 5'6 and it will be the same on the shoulder....I was thinking of wearing Alexa on the shoulder or cross-body and EW Bays in hand as a large carry-on, or for large loads of student papers

    THANKS for pics tortoiseperson, I actually do remember your panic attack ;) a while ago, I just did not realize you have posted photos, THANKS so much, they mean a lot to me to think and re-think
  15. yes, yes, online is my problem

    but, what an avatar !!!!!! You do have YSL roady flap ? In black pebbled leather ? My dream indeed !!! :love:

    Again, I have besace in the same leather, and can not justify to buy another normal size black bag :shame: