Thinking of getting a GHD or Sedu flat iron...also what products to use?

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  1. I am thinking of getting a GHD or Sedu flat iron...I have fine, thin hair that's wavy. I currently use a flat iron that says "Star" on it..maybe it's a CHI? I don't really put any kind of product in my hair and I know this is horrible but what products, drugstore and salon do you use with a flat iron?

    Also for those who use GHD, there's no temperature control on the iron, does it mean that it's set at a really high temperature? Isn't that really bad for the hair? Is the GHD better than the Sedu which has temperature control?

  2. Hi honu

    There are heaps of threads on the GHD - the majority of people rave about it (and I am one of them LOL). I also use the GHD products; they have a whole range classified by hair type (I use the "coarse and dry" range but there is one for fine hair). Each hair category has a whole suite of products to go with it, but I find that use the UV heat spray beforehand and just smooth some wax through it afterward to calm it all down.

    If your hair is wavy, you could try a relaxant, although if it's very fine you probably don't need to worry. The GHD is powerful!

    As for the temperature, GHD has some weird negative ion techonogy in the ceramic, so while it heats to a high temp, your hair is still protected (as long as you don't clamp the iron down on it for hours).

    Hope that helps!
  3. ghd is definitely better than sedu (as also can be seen in the large price differential). as for hair products, i love T3 plump and boost (2 different items). My hair looks like I just came from a salon!
  4. GHD is the best iron I have ever used. It doesn't damage my hair as fast as CHI. I've never tried Sedu..I haven't heard many good things about it. You can straighten your hair really quick with the GHD and you can even curl it, but that takes a little while to learn. My hair always turns out silky smooth and very shiny. I recommend it!!
  5. Another rave for the GHD. I'm an admitted flat iron addict, and in my opinion this one takes the cake. As far as products go for it, currently I use Aquage Shine Spray right before I run my iron through it.
  6. Thanks for all the recs, everyone! :flowers:

    I passed by a salon today and ended up getting Kerastase's Bain de Force and Ciment Thermique. I hope it works! I am actually travelling right now and using another brand of flat iron which is OK but I just want to protect my hair.

    When I get back to the US I think I'm going to shell out for the GHD from all the rave reviews here!!! :tender:
  7. I have never used GHD, so I can't compare, but I have been using Sedu for three years now and LOVE it. I don't like the Chi because I feel like it pulls my hair when I use it. After a little over two years, my first Sedu finally broke (it was my fault though, something was weird with the cord). I do also like that the Sedu iron has temperature control.
  8. I've never tried sedu, but I love my GHD. I have fine hair that has just enough wave to have frizz. The GHD is a miracle worker.
  9. I have heard lots of good things about the Sedu but ultimately went with the GHD. I got the pink set that comes with a heat mat, case, and clips for $200 from love it, it works soooooo well and my hair feels soft and amazing afterwards. I use Paul Mitchell super skinny serum and Fekkai glossing cream and my hair looks great.
  10. I have a Sedu and I love it. I never tried GHD, because the i have really thick curly hair, and the temperature was not hot enough for me.
  11. i bought the sedu but i ended up giving it to my cousin...
    i have the bio ionic flat iron... it's been great soo far... can't complain

    as for products, i use paul mitchell's skinny serum, tho it's not really heat activated nor is it used as a heat protectant
  12. i have similar hair to yours except mine is thicker and i love the sedu. i don't like the ghd doesn't have a temp adjuster. plus the sedu is cheaper. i think folica has free returns so maybe try it first, and if you don't like it, return and get the ghd.

    edit: now i see this thread is over 2 years old...
  13. I have similar hair to yours and I just got a croc iron - I love it!! I had a GHD before but the croc works soooo much better! Hope this helps! And I always put a heat protectant serum before I flat iron...
  14. this thread is 3 yrs old & bumped by a spammer, surely she's already decided ;)
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