Thinking of downsizing my Mulberry collection

  1. Hi Girls , I have about 12 mulberry bags that Ihave collected over the years but some of them have only been used a handful of times . Am now seriously thinking that I may sell some . Would you ever sell bags that you love but rarely use??? Will I regret it??
  2. I'm the same! I have (or should I say, I "had"!) 8 Mulberry bags and have just sold one. I'm thinking that I'll try and keep my total at 7 (one for each day of the week!) and if I want another one, I have to get rid of one of my existing bags.

    Perhaps that's why I'm now checking out non-Mulberry bags :lol:

    sarajane is the one you want to speak to - she has a really good attitude to selling them on and getting something new:yes:
  3. yes- sarajane and tropicalgal will talk sense! Where are they when you need them???
  4. I have got about 20 handbags (not all Mulberry - LV, Gucci, Prada etc) and my hubby gets a bit annoyed with them so he gave me a new rule of "one in, one out". It worked for a while but I have got a few past him recently!!!! SSSh don't tell him!!

    I have only regretted selling a few bags and most of them I have now bought again.
  5. I think you should lay them all out and take an objective look. Maybe you will keep them all or maybe not. I have a couple of bags that I don't use and it's not that I don't like them, they are just not comfortable, so they have to go. I will either sell or give them away. Good luck!!
  6. Oh gosh, I can't even think about selling my babies! Good luck !
  7. It's a dilemma! If you really don't use the bags than maybe you should. Problem then is how to. eBay sounds like a total nightmare. I have far too many bags I don't use but my BF bought me them so would feel bad selling them.
  8. i would find it very hard to sell my bags..... esp as i longed and drooled madly to have them - some for a long time!

    but i can see why you would want to sell...... good luck!:tup:
  9. Here I am! OK Flossie, here's what I do. I have a policy that if I haven't carried a bag for the last 6 months, it's a definite to go.
    Then there's those that I've carried but only a few times - they go on the 'possibly going' pile.
    That way I can narrow it down to the ones I use regularly and love. You say you love these bags but rarely use them. If you really loved them, you would be carrying them.
    There's absolutely nothing wrong with falling out of love with a bag; getting bored with it or just feeling as if you've had all the wear out of it you're going to get.
    Have a good look at them all again. The ones that you've hardly used - get them and out and seriously look at them with your clothes. Are you likely to use them - could you put them with something different for a new look?
    If the answer's no - sell 'em or give them away and don't look back!
  10. Thank you Sarajane You're so right !! I will set about it asap ! Will let you know how I get on...
    Bestest, Flossie
  11. Hey Flossie - have fun sorting those bags! Let us know what you decide.
  12. It's going to be a long job Sarajane!!!
    I think I am only going to keep my iconic bags , Roxy , Bayswater and Mabel . The rest I will sell . I have about 15 other designer bags to sort thru as well . I'm having a clean sweep and only going to keep between 6 and 8 and use them!!!!
    Well thats the plan anyway wish me luck!
  13. Wow, that is some clear out! Def keep the iconic ones as you'd really regret parting with them.
    I got rid of a Miu Miu bow satchel, Prada e/w satchel, Chloe Paddington & some LVs. Have to admit an olive Mulberry Phoebe also went! They were all lovely bags (the Miu Miu was actually divine) but they just weren't me. There was no point hanging on to them as I knew I wouldn't use them.
    It's actually a great feeling to know that the bags you have, you really do love and will use regularly.
  14. Good luck, stay strong. Sarajane definately has the right attitude.:yes:
  15. Some really good advice here Flossie. I definately agree that you should keep Bayswater, Roxy and Mabel. Just out of interest, what are the other styles you are pondering over?