Thinking of coming back to Gucci

  1. In orginizing my closet, I came across all my bags from high brought back so many fun memories...and remembering how ecited I was to get them...wondering how I drifted away...I am going to clean them up and stuff them.

    They are all about 20 years old and look amazing!

    Any other, 'oldies' out there like me??
  2. ooh! i only had coach and rl in highschool!!! heehee
  3. Here they are, my vintage Gucci's...All the large print are from the early to mid 80's...hard to believe they lived through high school and are now 20 - 25 years old!! The one small print is late 80s, and didn't fair quite so well, but is still pretty good.

    I will post on the reference thread too :smile:
  4. I LOOOOOOVE your bags!! I too am a product of 80's "vintage" Gucci bags, even tho I have a serious problem thinking of the 80's as "vintage!!!! I have recently rediscovered my love for them too and now I get so many compliments on them when I bring them out. I carried my navy speedy all summer and it looked great with my white and red.
  5. wow, they're gorgeous. make sure you completely clean out you entire closet, there might be some other treasures in there :P happy organizing.
  6. Wow they are gorgeous.
  7. I love your vintage Gucci! Especially the "doctors bag" style on the top left!
  8. Thanks everyone :smile:
  9. WHOA.Those bags are in such good condition. You should definitely start using them again :yes:
  10. Wow, lucky you to have all those Gucci's in high school!
  11. I was a bit spoiled :P , ;) .

    The small one was after high school, tho...

    Thanks again everyone for the nice comments!
  12. gorgeous gucci's!!!!
  13. i love your gucci bags!!!! my friend at work is 45 because im so into bags i brought her love for bags back and she went looking for her vintage that her mom gave her 1983, she found it and it still had the tag on it from a&s!! i love the vintage gucci bags!!!!!
  14. Ah, High School memories - seem so long ago!!! Anyway, back in high school I bought my 1st GUCCI while on vacation in Hilton Head. I still have it, I should post photos of it - seeing that is VINTAGE now! HA!HA! To date myself, I graduated HS in the early 90's!!!

    Also, in high school - Vera Bradley and Coach were popular. Although now I don't even go near COACH ~ although I still have a leather strap keychain that I have been using for about 10 years!!!
  15. I love the black wallet, matches my VINTAGE GUCCI purse I bought in H.S. - I will post photos of it, it's not in the best condition as it's been sitting in my garage -I almost threw it away but then decided to hold on to it - Hell, I should sell it on eBay! HA!HA!