Thinking of changing jobs: recruiter?

  1. I'm thinking of changing jobs, has anyone used a recruiter? I will be posting my resume up at and
  2. I posted my resume on and was contacted by a recruiter. That's how I found my job now. Met with him for coffee before my official interview with the company. He preped me and made me feel very comfortable for my interview the next day. Good luck Honu! :smile:
  3. I've used Monster...that's how I found my current job...I hear CareerBuilder and HeadHunter are good as well.
  4. i use monster. i have been head hunted though, which was interesting.
  5. Howdy~

    I work in the recruiting field for a large consulting/technology firm. Regarding job sites: Many recruiters search for resumes on the major job sites (monster, hotjobs, careerbuilder, dice, etc.) and they use keywords, so a hint is to use frequently used words in your industry in your resume text so your resume will pop up in their searches.

    Many recruiters also utilize professional networking sites to search for candidates, again using search terms. One of the most popular sites for this is I think registration on this site is free.

    Lastly, regarding working with agency recruiters, I'd say go for it! Make sure you research the agency and learn their industry/function specializations in for placements. Just like Tw1n8ngel said, the recruiter will spend time understanding your skills/experiences and what you want to do, while also prepping you for the interviews s/he set up for you. It's the recruiter's job to know about the company and job they're matching you with - and they will want you to get the job so they'll do their best to prep you effectively for what to expect - the company environment, interview style and perhaps even the specific interviewer and what s/he looks for. The recruiter will talk with the companies and you about interview feedback - on both sides - so that each party will understand the other better. The recruiter will also help you with salary negotiations - something that many people hate to do themselves.

    But there are varying degrees of recruiter quality out there. Make sure you spend some time with the person to make sure they really understand you and what kind of job you want. If you think someone's not paying attention and just pushing you through, leave and find another recruiter.

    The recruiters/agencies get paid by the companies retaining them so the process is free for a job seeker.

    Hope this helps. Anyone, please feel free to let me know if you have any more questions...I'm happy to help! :smile:
  6. Depending on your field I'd recommend it.
    My DH is a Regional Director for a Pharmaceutical Co and hires a LOT from recruiter sent interviews.
  7. Redney- what professional networking site do recruiters use? I only know one... called Linked?
  8. I never went through a recruiter. It was always difficult as I am not a US citizen and it would be hard for them to match up a job for me (with all the visa paperwork and stuff). I say go for it though! You never know, your next great job might be from a recruiter!
  9. You got, it Care, it's called LinkedIn ( Not only do recruiters use it to search for candidates but there's a fairly robust and thorough job posting section you can search through and contact the recruiter through LinkedIn.

    About a year ago, I interviewed at Microsoft through a job posting a recruiter/LinkedIn member posted. I have my profile listed and have been contacted about 5 times in the past few months by recruiters with job opportunities that sound like good matches for my experience. I really love my current job but if I ever wanted to make a change, it's a good place to network (IMO).

    By the way, I'm in no way affiliated with that site. Just passing along hints to hopefully help my fellow PBers!!
  10. Thanks for the info, Redney!

    Which agency recruiter should I contact? I noticed that you are in Lake Tahoe, I am in the Bay Area too. I am currently a Project Manager for a publishing company, is there a specific company I should go to? I'm not *that* technical like most people here in Silicon Valley...:cry:
  11. Hi Honu - I PMd you.