Thinking of buying white mc, please persuade me!

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  1. I bought a new Speedy 30 the other week and I also have a cerises pochette and now I can't stop thinking about getting a white MC. I like the speedy but it is a little too expensive so I think the one I would go for is te Trouville or the Alma, which do you think is younger and better?

    Also, the only think worrying me is everyone I know seems to think the white mc is tacky. They like the original but a lot of my friends think it looks cheap and tacky. I know I shouldn't care what people think but it is a lot of money to spend and what to be absolutely certain before I buy one.

    Also, I heard that the red colour of the lining stains through? Is this true? Does it still happen with the new bags and do the colours scratch off?

    Also, what do you wear yours with? Do you think you could use one with a flowery or patterned dress or skirt or does it have to be a plain outfit?

    Let me know and tell mw why you love yours please!:yes:
  2. Maybe start off with a MC accessory like a wallet or agenda to see how you much you really like the MC? I do not find that the color scratches off, I've had a MC wallet & agenda for 3 1/2 years and they are just fine.
  3. i have a white mc speedy. i find its better paired with non-patterned outfits.

    as for the lining, i believe that is an old issue and rarely happens with newer items.

    the rubbing off can occur. i have a black mc pochette and because of wear and tear the corners are starting to rub off. however i carried it on my shoulder so the constant cotact doesn't help either.

    i don't think white looks tacky at all. it actually looks better on certain styles as opposed to the black. i think the colors have a much bigger "pop" to them on certain styles.
  4. I don't think the white is tacky...what makes it tacky is too much the MC Speedy seems to have a lot going on, the alma with the studs....I don't know. How about the white petit noe? There's not a lot of gold hardware on that one. I do think you need to wear plain clothes when you wear anything multicolor otherwise there's just way too much going need to let the bag be the main focus. KWIM?? Good luck!!! :smile:
  5. Thanks guys. I love the white mc so I think I will get one, what do you think of the Trouville? Is it a good size? When you buy one can you look at lots as I noticed they all have the colours in different places and there are some coours I like better than others. Also my friends think it is not stylish, I think it is, what do you think?
  6. i have a black mc trouville and it was my favorite bag (until i got my mc speedy lol). its pretty roomy, though sometimes hard to get into.

    you can definitely ask an SA to pull out whatever they have. i am VERY picky about color combos. don't settle for nothing less than your favorite combo!!!
  7. White MC is adorable and not at all tacky, IMO. What makes it look tacky is the fakes, with the bright, screaming primary colors with limited variations. If you place a real white MC next to a fake white MC, it looks sooo much better, because there are more colors and more variation and most are lovely, pleasing pastels.
  8. MC is NOT tacky! It's a bit bold with the 33 different colors but certainly not tacky. I have all three bags listed, I would suggest the Speedy since it's an iconic bag but if it's out of your budget at the moment I would say Alma. I usually wear my MC bags with jeans and a solid light colored top, but there are so many colors you can match with the bag the options are endless.
  9. Definitely doesn't look cheap or tacky. IMO its leagues above the regular mono speedy in presence. The only ones that look cheap or tacky are fakes. I wear my white MC speedy with anything lol and I swear that bag has taken a beating. I bought mine over a year ago and have been pretty rough with it but it hasnt lost any color and its still as white as it was the day I bought it.

    Trouville seems like a younger bag to me. I've never been a fan of the Alma, as it has always felt like something an older person would carry. Good luck and I hope you post pics soon!
  10. my friend has the white MC alma and she always look great with it regardless of what she's wearing! but i PERSONALLY think the white MC is slightly tacky..its too busy for my taste. but on others, I think its absolutely gorgeous. i think you should go with your gut..always listen to your gut. if you even slightly think its tacky, you're going to buy it and take it home and still think its tacky (i learnt the hard way!). Like someone ^ has said, start with an accessory first!
  11. Get the white Trouville! i think it loooks greatttt!!!!
    i fall in love with it everytime i see it~~~
  12. white mc. gorgeous beyond words.

    when i see random women on the streets carrying it, i am at a loss for words!

    get a speedy/alma/trouville!

    Let us know!

  13. Thanks guys, does anyone have a pic of them holding their trouville or Alma? Also, the lining definitely doesn't show on the white anymore? That is definitely an old problem?
  14. I love my trouville which I got a couple of weeks ago. i actually went to the store to get the white one but my mom convinced me to get the black one because it'll last longer and the colors pop more. I kinda regret not getting the white one but both are good. I'll post pics soon.
  15. I think white mc is gorgeous! I have the white mc speedy and I've always gotten tons of compliments on it-I've never heard it referred to as "tacky"!
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