Thinking of buying the mini manor satchel or mini beaton

  1. I saw the mini manor in nickel and the mini beaton in chocolate (which I fell in love with) and am thinking of buying one for fall. Or may get the best of both and get the baby beaton in nickel?

    Does anyone have either bag? Can you post modeling pics?

    burberry_mini_manor.jpg burberry_mini_beaton.jpg
  2. I don't have any of these bags but I'm considering buying the Manor bag (regular size though), so if you can afford it you can buy both but in different colours, otherwise I would go with the mini Manor
  3. I have the regular manor and i am in love with it
  4. I really like the mini manor!
  5. I think I will get the chocolate beaton. I wear a lot of gold and the gold hardware on the choco will go well. I think the nickel will clash, plus I am not sure how long the metallic fad will last.
  6. I love the larger Manor bag.
  7. I have the mini manor in black leather :love: great bag, not too heavy, just brought her out today!
  8. I ordered the chocolate baby beaton on Sunday. Can't wait to receive it.