Thinking of buying the Celine Trapeze

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  1. Hey guys!

    So I've thinking of buying another Celine bag for a while, I was really debating between the tie bag and the trapeze, but I recently came across a black calfskin trapeze with python handles (does anyone know what season this came out? I can't find it anywhere!) and absolutely fell in love! But, the thing is, I've heard people say that it's not a very practical bag. Meaning that when you actually have things in the bag, the flaps on the side just fall open? To those of you with a trapeze (or even the tie!) how practical is your bag? Would you recommend it as an every day bag?

    Thanks! :P
  2. I think the tie is now discontinued, you probably can find in black color but not sure about other colors if you don't like black. I love my tie but it's a veryyyy heavy bag, heavier than my small luggage. It's a nice style but you wouldn't be able to carry it the whole day with a bag full of stuffs lol.
  3. I have the small trapeze in brick and while it's gorgeous and I love it, I find it to be very high maintenance relative to my lifestyle. The leather on my bag is already showing scratches near the clasp and the shape of the bag is beginning to look warped even though I don't over stuff it (it doesn't hold a ton anyway). I've had it for 4 months and use it for work every few weeks - definitely not as an everyday bag. I've never had the problem with the sizes flapping open; it's actually pretty secure in that respect, but the bag does gape open if it's unzipped and unclasped (not really a big deal for me, personally). Not trying to deter you! Just some things to consider before making the commitment. If you love it and the delicate & kind of clumsy nature of the bag doesn't bother you, go for it!
  4. Yes what you mentioned above use to drive me insane every time I'd open the bag it would fling open and I would loose my stuff! Now it's been a couple of years and my bags leather has softened (I have a black mini in drummed leather with suede sides). It's no longer a problem and it's one of my fav bags. So simple and easy to carry. I like the tie bag but never purchased it as I found it too heavy and didn't have a should strap option, it just didn't fit my lifestyle and already have a phantom which I figured was kinda similar. Hope that helps!
  5. Have you tried collonil gel? It's helped save my bags from scratches by the buckle and wear to the Suede, my bag is a couple years old and still looks brand new, and I have pointy stiletto nails lol!
  6. I sold my trapeze medium and bought a trotteur medium instead. I find trapeze beautiful, very trendy, can spice up ordinary outfit. But! Its so hard to use... You cant get things properly as item tends to fall out when you opened the zip. Hence, if your lifestyle is always relax, its nice to have this bag. And smooth leather bag scratches easily so better save this bag for special occasion. I have the bag for 2 years and its still havent deformed, maybe i seldom use it.
  7. trapeze. nice and trendy. a little bit hard to handle and take things out. but still love! chic and effortless
  8. No, I haven't, but maybe I should! Guess I can't complain too much, since I haven't gone through the trouble of protecting my bags. haha.
  9. Hi everyone,

    I'm also thinking about getting the trapeze. Have been looking at the Souris color. I'm seeing 2 different variations in pictures online (see attached). I'm planning on buying pre-owned to save some $$ but have been a little confused by this...

    One has same color buttons on the wings and contrast white stitching on the bag. The other has dark colored buttons and the stitching doesn't seem to stand out as much.
    image-316489518.jpg 11208406_1585926038351975_1366920456_n.jpg

    Are both of these Souris but different seasons?

    Thanks so much for any help!!
  10. I absolutely love my Celine Trapeze. It is a very delicate bag and not an everyday bag because it does get scratched really easily (please refer to the pictures). I wouldn't say that it doesn't fit a lot of stuff rather you might have to get creative on how to arrange your stuff if you were to have a lot of things in your bag. Remember! The inside folds down into a triangular prism so there is less room. Since the sides of my Trapeze is smooth leather it doesn't sag for me. But at the same time, because the leather is so structured, the buttons doesn't close. It does open a bit wide when you're opening the bag to get things out. But I do love how beautiful and elegant the bag is and I do not regret getting it. IMG_6846.JPG IMG_6847.JPG FullSizeRender.jpg
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    I'm pretty sure the snaps on the side are always a matching colour. I have the micro luggage in souris and this colour only has white stitching. The second photo might not be souris perhaps?
  12. I have the small indigo trapeze in pebbled leather. I don't worry about the leather, as it's pretty durable. Since it's the small the shape is very structured and hasn't lost its form. I personally don't find it hard to get in/out of, but I am also very used to bags that aren't the reach-in-and-grab variety. I say go for it!