thinking of buying my first chanel...

  1. so I was just thinking about the purse collection I have so far, and I've already bought purses from several designers and I've always been interested in a Chanel. I want something that I can use at night and in the daytime--and under 2K. any ideas? :rolleyes:
  2. you can look into the cambon ligne- i like the bowler style for day and night.
    if you don't carry alot, you can even get a classic flap for about $2k.
  3. The classic flap is always a nice first Chanel. You can get a large or jumbo (jumbo would fit more for day time use and you could still use it at night). You can choose lambskin or caviar but if you don't want to worry about the leather as much then choose the caviar. The come in a variety of colors (and HW is either gold or silver).
  4. Great advice,as to your first purchase. I agree a classic flap or prehaps a 2.55. If this is a first CHANEL I would start off my collection with a classic in black, of course.
  5. I totally agree even though for me the jumbo size is too large for evening, but then again it also depends on your body and how many things you HAVE TO carry with you everyday!
  6. Not everyone is a "Flap Person", I'm not really. I may never own a Chanel Classic Flap and I'm a loyal Chanel customer.
    Do you like totes or more classic bags like the flap?
    That will help us point you in the right direction, there's quite a bit under $2k.
  7. i think for a first time chanel buyer you cannot go wrong with a classic flap. 2.55 proabably wont hold much during the day but i've seen other classic flap bags which are slightly larger in size but not too big to use in the evening.

    my suggestion Candice is to wait and see what chanel will bring out in the future before u decide on which bag to buy. 2.55 will always be around so no hurry for that. u dont want to get the wrong bag.
  8. You could try: 2.55 reissue, classic flap, or a tote :smile:
  9. I would say the classic flap is a great classic piece but it really depends on when you are carrying it and how much you carry. The Cambon bowler is also a fabulous bag in the same price range. It can be worn day and night. It hold up really well and can fit quite a bit of stuff without being too big.
  10. Can someone post a picture of the 2.55 reissue? I definitely want to invest in a Chanel bag as well but I`m not sure which should be my first either. I`ve definitely had the classic flap in mind for some time.
  11. I just received my very first Chanel and being a newbie to it, I chose the black w/silver hardware Chanel Medallion Caviar tote. Absolutely perfect IMO. Retail around $1700
  12. I think you should go for a tote. I think you can dress it up or down. Or maybe something in the cambon line. IMO I just don't feel that the Flap is something you can wear all the time.
  13. do a search, there's LOTS of pics of them in here!:yes:
  14. thank you girls for all you're help! i'm making my trip to short hills mall tomorrow, and i'll let you know how it goes!
  15. Here is a pic of my resissue (226)....