*Thinking* of buying my first Chanel...

  1. Hi Chanel ladies!

    I usually just hang out at the LV forum: I have lots of LV but recently I've been getting a little bored with LV...so as suggested by the ladies in the LV forum maybe expanding into other brands will help me appreciate LV more and in the mean time let me enjoy beautiful bags from other brands.

    I've been eyeing Chanel and was thinking of saving up for my very first Chanel and buying it either the end of this year or (most probably) the beginning of next year.

    I like the flap bags but I think a tote would be much more practical for me. Even practical handhelds would be great. I'm willing to buy my first piece either from a store or from known authentic resellers online (although I prefer new condition BUT I have seen some resellers sell new condition ones..) but my limit is $2000 CAD which is around $1900 US.

    I was thinking of the black Caviar Medallion Tote. What do you guys think of this bag? Is this bag part of the permanent collection? What is the retail (in CAD if possible, but USD is good too!)?

    If you have this bag, is it very practical? Does it hold a lot? How easily does Caviar leather get scuffed/scratched? If you have pink Caviar leather bags...does the leather get dirty easily? Your opinions on this bag is greatly appreciated.

    Borrowed from sophia's eye candy thread!


    Any other suggestions (and pics!) for tote bags, or even just some of your favs, would be great! I would like to stick with leather, not canvas/fabric.

    Thank you so much in advance! :flowers:
  2. Hi Karman, I don't own this bag, but I do own a flap in caviar leather. caviar leather is very durable, you don't have to be careful with it or baby it.

    The medallion tote always reminds me of LV's Houston.
  3. The medallion tote is great and fits a lot. It is also comfortable on the shoulder or on the arm. Very durable and a great bag.
  4. Welcome to Chanel forum!!

    well, I don't have this style, but I could say that caviar leather is very durable & low maintenance. :yes:
    Have u seen the Petite shopper tote (PST) or Grand shopper tote (GST)? -- still under USD 2,000. IMO, they're prettier tote compared to medallion, cause both GST & PST got leather chain (Chanel's trademark) on the strap. and I believe these three styles are included in classic collection.
    one more suggestion, get it before the price increase!! :tdown:

    Good luck, karman! :cutesy:
  5. Oh no! I forgot about price increases...lol...the thing is last price increase for LV Canada didn't get affected very much so I totally forgot about *those* things.

    Thanks for the replies so far ladies!

    I will look into the PST/GST (jeeze, I thought you were all talking about taxes!! :lol:) but I also saw the Medallion tote in silver (in eye candy thread, I'm on page 13 out of 98 right now lol)...is that still available?

  6. as far as i'm concern this tote is perm. but i personally prefer PST/GST if you are after this sort of style.

    yes chanel is having a price increase very soon. the date of increase is still abit of a guess as there are different info on the actual date. some said end of sept, some said 1st nov.

    if you could i will get it now. caviar is lovely too. my first chanel is the med 2.55 caviar flap and i love it.
  7. Nope can't get it now, like I said in my first post. I'm in school full-time and I don't make money full-time.
  8. What is this line called?


    Someone help me ID the styles please? :flowers:

    I also really like the Paris-Biarritz line but I want to start with a leather bag first.

    I saw the PST/GST you are talking about and I like those too...to me they're pretty similar but I have no special preference between the two.
    ch-ba-0143_1m.jpg img10152404909.jpg
  9. Hey Karman, the wallet pic is from the Precious Symbols line but that was several seasons ago so you'd have to do a search to try and find it or eBay...

    I haven't seen a silver medallion tote around so again it may take you awhile to find.

    If you're thinking of buying retail then I'd try to go to your local store and just do some window shopping and trying on of different bags so you know what catches your eye and what works for you in terms of comfort/lifestyle. I can't remember if Holts Calgary has a Chanel boutique inside it?

    It may take you awhile, but look at as many pics etc. as you can on this subforum and that may also help you. There are a few 'in action' and 'you & your Chanel' threads. Sometimes seeing it on others helps. Once you get a feeling of what's out there, the tough part will be narrowing it down to only one to buy!
  10. Thanks jadecee!! Too bad it's several years ago, I really like the tote from this line :sad: And too bad about the silver medallion...lol seems like I'm liking all the bags that are hard to find (except the black medallion of course).

    I really *love* this one, is this one discontinued/LE?

    And yes, Holts Calgary does have a Chanel boutique but their collection of bags is very poor unless they keep everything in the back. I maybe see max. 10 bags displayed at a time. Maybe when the time comes for me to buy my first bag I'll go in and ask them to bring styles out for me.
  11. ^^
    Hey Karman,

    Unfortunately that style is old too. I might be wrong, but I think these bags with the square quilting are at 1+ years if not 2+ years old.

    Taking a look at chanel.com will give you an idea of what styles are currently or will be coming available and even then anything that's "hot" gets waitlisted out and as you guessed it - the stock in Canada is iffy - sometimes we get it sometimes we don't. Sorta like with any new LV collection, you gotta kind of know it's coming and then prepare for it lol.
  12. Aww that is too bad...that white flap bag is so pretty!! I love the flower detail on it. Oh well, I can still look and drool!

    Thanks so much jadecee!! I did look at the PST/GST (JEEZE why do they have to have the same acronym as provincial sales tax goods and services tax??? :p) but I think I prefer the Medallion over these. I still have tons of time to decide though, I could change my mind within the next few months!

    Is the Medallion around the size of my PH too? Someone here mentioned it reminds them of the Houston...same size as Houston, perhaps?

    I agree that stock in Canada is iffy...both Chanel and Louis Vuitton...but at least I'm so much more familiar with Louis Vuitton. I know nothing about Chanel and it'll take me forever to get to know the names/lines of all the bags!

    Edit: WHOA just checked out the link you gave me, I really like Swanky Mama's GST!! It doesn't look like the other ones that I've seen so far...hmmm...
  13. By the way, do you know if Chanel is more expensive in Canada? For LV, let's say, the exchange rates are pretty close so I would still save money buying it in the US but only maybe $30-$40.

    I notice that for MJ Stam that I was looking at, it's $1350 USD in the US on elux but the same bag was $1995 CAD at Holts :wtf: That's like a 1.43 exchange rate! At least LV is around 1.04-1.07 which is close to the actual exchange rate... Now, I'm not familiar with MJ so I'm not 100% sure if it was the exact same bag, but I hope that clarifies my question.
  14. I don't know about Chanel's price in Canada. If it IS more expensive in Canada, try ordering via department stores such as Nordstrom (I heard they could do international shipping, and exempt the sales tax which is good).
    As far as I remember, the PH is more likely similar to PST.<< ladies, correct me if I'm wrong. :p

    Paris Biarritz ligne is pretty too!! I saw the large Paris Biarritz tote in black patent leather with black pony hair, it's TDF!! the price is US$1995. Chanel at Nordstrom Downtown Seattle still has one on display last week (maybe they still have more at the shelf).