thinking of buying mini gaucho :)

  1. havent decided on the shade yet. maybe brown, white, or argent.

    how is the leather for the metallic bags? it's bee awhile since i've been to dior at my bloomies and i cant recall. are the metallics as soft as the nnon metallic leathers?

    does anyone have pics modelling their mini gaucho? i cant go to the store easily now due to my arm cast so i'd appreciate any help :smile:

  2. I don't have any pix but I do have a mini gaucho and I just :love: it...mine is black...I originally fancied the idea of the pewter one, but I didn't like it as much in person as in my imagination!! It is very soft, but IMO looks a bit 'cheap'. Did quite fancy the burgundy one, but they didn't have any left in the whole of the UK by the time I could afford it!! And I don't wear brown much, so I didn't opt for that, but the brown one was really lovely :drool: so a good choice if you fancy brown...and much less likely to get grubby than a white one...

    J'adore this bag :yahoo: I really recommend it!
  3. :sad: i hope your arm heals soon pinknyanko!

    as for the metallics, i have a medium gaucho in metallic gold and when i tried the non-metallics, the leather was definitely much smoother. the metallic wash on the distressed leather gives the leather a stiffer feel. the surface is a little scratchy too (nothing that would cause skin irritation or the like, but when i pull my bag out of the dustbag, some fibers of the dustbag do get caught by the "rougher" surface).

    i hope that helps some!
  4. hey i have a pic here, but please excuse me being tipsy
  5. thats a cute bag, are they still available here in the US?
  6. thanks everyone. i will try to get my bf to go pet bags with me ^_^ the bag looks really cute on you Chico!

  7. ooh i hope your arm heals soon ! :heart: you sould definitely cheer yourself up with a sweet lil mini gaucho !:graucho:
  8. Few pics of my brown gaucho. Please ignore the mess on the background
    dior mod1.JPG dior mod.JPG
  9. pinknyanko: thanks. Hope you find one for yourself.

    nienna456 : Love the brown color on the mini!
  10. omg the mini gaucho is so cute!!!! :smile: gosh, can't pick if which is best :p they all look so good!!
  11. wow! the brown looks really nice on you and versatile as well. thanks a lot!
  12. Thanks for the kind words. I do love my brown gaucho, it goes with everything and I don't have to worry about getting it dirty
  13. I have a medium Gaucho in black that I use as an everday bag and 2 days ago I went into a high end vintage/re-seller store in an upmarket suburb here in Sydney and there I spied a gorgeous metallic mini Gaucho in pristine condition for AU$499. I am on a bag ban but I could not stop thinking about it.
    I went back the next day and asked if they did lay-bys and yes they do so I put her on lay-by, it is my birthday this coming week so I thought that I could not pass up this cute little bag at such a great price.
  14. ^ wow congrats suzie! i think the metallic mini gaucho is absolutely sweet and of course, it definitely makes for a perfect birthday present for yourself. ;)
  15. Thanks Zeodross, I will post pics when I get her off lay-by.