Thinking of buying Gift Cards on eBay - Is that Crazy?

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  1. Hello Everybody,
    I was thinking of buying giftcards on eBay. I saw a couple of people who got really great deals, like a David Yurman $50 gift certificate for $27. I'm always looking to save a few bucks...I have a shopping addiction. No shame here. ;) Is getting a discounted gift card off of eBay a good idea or have I just lost my mind? Any suggestions of what to ask the seller to guarantee I'm not getting an empty card? Or any experiences positive or negative with this type of transaction?

    As always I really look forward to what everyone has to say! :p Thank a lot!
  2. There was an artlicle on's money section. Might want to search for it.

    It basically said there are legit cards but it can be empty too. If you can get the card number you could confirm the balance before you bid but not all sellers would give this out since online purchases and many merchants can be made with the card number.

    I don't know of any other way to confirm a card prior to bidding.
  3. I've got a (low value) gift card I was thinking of selling on eBay but I have the same problem from a sellers point of view. How on earth do you prove there is any money on the card? I wondered about going to the store and asking for a balance and seeing if they would do a till reciept to show the value that could be photod and shown on ebay but this seems like such trouble and doesn't guarantee that I don't just spend the card immediately afterwards. My thought was to keep a copy of the number and after it has sold, suggest that the winner gets to the store and confirms the balance. My other worry, is what if the winner spends the card and then claims it was empty - I wonder if by keeping the card number on record, I could prove when it is spent? Anyway, these are my musings on the matter, as yet to think of an elegant solution. It HAS put me off selling the card as I can understand completely the reluctance on the part of the buyers.
  4. I was tempted myself but decided against it. There are no guarantees and I'm not liking the odds.
  5. I have done it often and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever...the seller can not give you the number prior to shipping because then you can use it online and never pay. As with any transaction, check feedback and ask questions...good sellers usually answer quickly and politely and have nothing to hide. Also, some gift card sellers are selling their own leftover balances from a gift card they receieved or from American Express rewards...these tend to be legit. I have done this for Saks, J Crew, Banana, Abercrombie, etc...It is a great way to save a few bucks.
  6. I have bought gift cards and most transactions have been perfectly fine.
    I once bought a $500 NM gift card for $375 and it was a disaster, apparently she sold around 20 giftcards and no one received them. Fortunately I was reimbursed by Amex as the seller went MIA. It was strange as she had lots of great feedback and I had bought a Saks card from her a few months before.

    I also bought one that was about $50 short, I contacted the buyer and was eventually reimbursed. She had saved the numbers on the back of the cards and called to check when they had been spent, as did I. The card had been used in WA a week before I even purchased it, apparently her daughter had used the giftcard.

    My advice is to make sure you pay with you CC and once received spend immediately!
  7. I've bought a few gift cards, mainly for Talbots, without any issues. I've also sold a couple from other stores that I've gotten when I've returned gifts without receipts. That's worked out well too!
  8. I have bought victoria secret gift card on ebay and everything went smoothly. I really suggest looking into the sellers feedback for bidding.
  9. I've sold gift cards on eBay, but I wouldn't be crazy about buying them. Like the others have said, I would make sure the seller has excellent feedback.
  10. i have done it but just do your research first. no problems so far.
  11. Thanks so much! I really appreciate everyone's input. I think I'm just going to err on the side of caution and stay away from this. Seems everyone has a different experience and it really is luck of the draw.

    It's come to point where before I make a decision, I always think "WWTPFD". What would the purse forum do? Thanks guys!
  12. Be extremely careful~ I used to work in Sephora's corporate office and our fraud department had customers calling on a daily basis saying they had purchased gift cards on eBay that had 0 balance. However, there are legitiment sellers on eBay selling gift cards. Just be sure the seller has excellent feedback. ;)
  13. I've sold a couple gift cards with no problems but I'm an honest seller;) Never bought any... I would defiinitely check the feedback of the seller first.
  14. not a fan of the idea!
  15. I have bought a few Tiffany & Co giftcards on ebay with no problems at all. I have also sold giftcards without any problems. Best advice is to just check the sellers feedback.