Thinking of buying first LV

  1. Hi,
    I am thinking of buying my first LV. I feel they are very expensive and feel guilty buying one but I find I am obsessed with having one. I have a ton of Coach bags and probably could have bought a couple of LV with all the money I have spent with Coach.

    I am looking for a bag that will last forever, classic, quality. I would like a style that includes a long shoulder strap and that zippers completely. I have two small babies so I need hands free.

    I cannot spend much so I was wondering if a stap could be put on a Speedy and if LV sells them.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Hi,

    Welcome to PF..

    Long strap, zipper and enough room for your baby stuff...I suggest you to get cabas mezzo..
  3. They do sell straps and you could add one to a Speedy. But for a similiar amount you could get a Popincourt Haut, which is a shoulder bag with zippered top. :flowers:
  4. If you want a shoulder bag, I say go for either a Cabas Piano or Mezzo or something from the Batignolles line. I'm not much on the mono/damier speedy and especially with a shoulder strap.
  5. I'd recommend looking on ebay and then having your new friends here authenticate a bag BEFORE you place a bid. As for the bag you choose, Cabas Mezzo would be excellent as well as popincourt haut. Like the others already said *L*.

    If you could get past needing a zipped top, the Batignolles Horizontal would be your absolute best bet. Perfect for a mom and everyone here loves this bag!
  6. How about a Hudson GM? That seems like it would be a great bag for your needs.
  7. Based on your criteria, I'd say a Cabas Mezzo would fill the bill. I have a Batignolles Horizontal, which I love, but it doesn't zip, so I don't know if you'd like it.
  8. I bought a Cabas Mezzo on ebay from a very trustworthy MPRS and I love it. I have 2 little ones and it's a great tote with tons of room, shoulder strap and zip top. :smile:
  9. I say get the speedy! I do not care for the look of it worn with the long stap, though:yucky:

    Good luck and congrats in advance on your new LV!!:love:
  10. I'd get a Cabas Piano or Mezzo....shoulder straps and zip top!!


  11. how about the Popincourt Haut? it has adjustable shoulder straps, and a zip top :yes:


    or the Batignolles Horizontal. it doesn't have a zip top, but it has a snap-hook closure at the top which pretty much secures everything inside

  12. babylone.jpg
  13. i'd vote for the poppincourt haut...its my first lv.....and i also have 2 little kids...that's why i chose the fits great on my shoulder...has a zipper ... leaves my hands free and the size is just right :yes:
  14. You can also put a strap onto an Alma & have another "classic" LV.
    I like the PH or Mezzo for a hands free with kids bag.
  15. I'd go with a PH (popincourt haut)...depending on messy situations you might get into with children around the mezzo/piano has the leather bottom which is susceptible to dirt, etc.