Thinking of buying an MJ bag from cosmofunshop bad idea?

  1. Not sure seeings they only have 23 feedback and are selling the bags cheaply, help! :crybaby:
  2. Hi there!

    Have you tried authenticating the bag over at the MJ forum?? Those ladies are pretty good with quick replies and opinions on bags AND sellers. Also, somewhere around here there is a list of trusted sellers...

    Which bag are you looking at? I would definately ask for additional pictures, since it looks like they only provide one. I dunno, prices are about what would be from like Last Call with discounts...? Good luck! ;)
  3. I would not buy from a seller with 23 FB...
  4. I checked out their listings, and sadly, there's only 1 photo listed per auction! Definitely can't tell authenticity from only 1 photo... I wouldn't bid unless they can provide more pictures and show authenticity. IMO, feedback doesn't matter, unless it's lots of neg feedback containing fake complaints.
  5. Hi there,
    I was just browsing and I found someone in Edinburgh , UK is asking about COSMOFUNshop. Well, I am the shopkeeper of Cosmofunshops and want to reply to you that yes we are a small new shop, but we are credible and honest seller. We stand behind each of our collection 100% and we Only sell Authentic products.
    Our feedback is still small (still 27 as of today ) but they are all truthfull and reflect our openess and honesty.

    I am unsure whether you are the same person who just bought the bag katielovesrolos, but I you will be my living witness when you receive the Marc Jacobs handbag soon. Hope you like it :smile:

    For purseblog community, thank you for letting me be a part of this community. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any inquiries or more detail pictures.