Thinking Of Buying An Lv!

  1. Lately I have been thinking of getting an LV. I really like the Speede but don't know which one. Do any of you have suggestions. Also how do they feel can you fit tons of stuff in them??? TIA!!!
  2. also what is the difference between the 25 & 30
  3. the numbers refer to the size in cm so the 25 is 25cm long it's petite but still fits an good amount the 30cm is a little bigger it's a very popular size
    I think most people tend to go for a 30 but many like the smaller 25 and the bigger 35 the best idea is to go to the store if you can and try them on for your perfect size
  4. I love the size 30. Mini Lin line is my favorite:smile:
  5. i say go for the 30 - it's not too big, not too small.
  6. I just bought the 25 today. LOVE IT!! I had the 30 once before but returned it. I felt like my items were falling into a big black hole inside it. It was also very heavy on my arm when it was full. They are both great, though. You can't go wrong!

    PS - Audrey Hepburn loved the 30 but felt it was too bug. Louis Vuitton designed the 25 for her!

    Good Luck! You many want to take the plunge very soon. Princes increase 5% next week!!
  7. i have a 25 and 30. the 30 is big!
  8. I just got the 35 and I love the size cause I'm a big bag girl.
  9. I think it all depends on how much stuff you like to carry in your purse... I have the 25 and it is too small for me.. I never use it because every time I use it, it overflows... 35 is the perfect size for me...I would suggest that you go to the store and see which one you like the best for yourself!

    BTW - Check out the speedy damier canvas while you are there - it is to die for :flowers:
  10. I :heart: the 35!
  11. Love the 30 - it's just right. If you're more petite in height, perhaps, shorter than 5'4", the 25 is probably more proportional (or so I feel). I'm 5'6" and when I saw the 25, I said, "Tooo small!" I immediately got the 30 instead.

    As for material choice, the most popular choice is probably Monogram. I love it, but I was worried about the patina (the honey-ing or darkening of the untreated leather), and so I opted for the Damier Canvas instead. So depends on when/where you're going to use it. If you don't care about patina, I'd suggest the Damier Azur Canvas - can be casual or upscale (but probably more casual), and it's a beautiful look. (Since I already have the Damier, I'll prob wait a little while longer before I get the Azur.)

    Have fun picking out your Speedy!
  12. Go for the 30 in mono. It's a classic and a great first LV.