thinking of buying an ipod... need help

  1. i realize this post may seem really dumb.... but i need some clarification.

    1.) i was told by a friend that the new ipods, nano + video, are not mp3 players and only play apple format music from itunes. is this correct?

    2.) is it hard to convert .avi videos into the two apple acceptable .mpeg-4 and .h-something format? will i-tunes do this or do i have to buy another software?

    3.) which do you prefer, black or white?

    4.) video or nano?

    thanks!!!! :yes:
  2. 1) No that isnt true
    2) I have no clue call apple,and ask them =D
    3) I preffer white..the black gets surface scratches =(
  3. 1.) before i bought hubby a nano for our anniversary, we used musicmatch jukebox to pay for music downloads and organize our mp3 files. the nano would not play the music we had downloaded from musicmatch unless we burned it to a cd and transfered it to itunes. all the music we had downloaded from our personal cd collection automatically loaded itself into itunes. you also have to use the itunes browser thingy to upload anything onto the ipod whereas our other mp3 players we could use windows media player, music match, the software that came with the mp3 player...basically anything we wanted. ipods are more selective than other mp3 players about the type of music they accept. bottom line, you can use unapple music, but only through itunes. does that make sense? it was a hassle the first day, but after we burned all the cds (we don't have much downloaded music) it was really simple. took about 3 hours or so. itunes has the same prices as musicmatch does and a MUCH bigger selection so that's not a big deal either. i haven't tried to use my non apple mp3 player with the itunes music yet though. :\

    2) don't have video. don't know.

    3) i like the black for boys and the white for girls. :smile: the black is very masculine to me for some reason. but it doesn't *really* matter what color you get because you should get a case for it to prevent scratches. with most cases, you can't see the color of the actual ipod anyway.

    4) for me the nano would be MORE than enough space for all my music and then some. if you use public transit i think the video would be cool. you can watch tv or the news or whatever while you're commuting. it it might also be good if you really like a praticular show but don't have a TiVo type service and don't want to be chained to the TV to watch it. i looked into video ipods because we don't like having cable but do like a couple of tv shows...but apple wants 3.99 a download for each episode. for me, i could just wait a year and get the whole season on DVD for the same price as downloading one episode at a time. but if you are only downloading three or four episodes a season it'd be worth it. for most people, i think they can find one of the nanos more than sufficient. :smile:

    there's my 2 cents. :smile:
  4. dont get nanos 2 of my friends had thiers broken increadibly easily because they are too thin!! also be carefull as a small tap on the screen can cause a spill in colour
  5. 1) Not true, but you have to have DRM-free mp3s
    2) Apparently not, but I haven't had the occasion to do it, since I don't have a video.
    3) Black all the way. It's less iPod-army and the black looks rather cool.
    4) Nano. So small, so sleek, so sexy. Mine doesn't break and it's shoved in the bag with the rest.
  6. 1. So not true. And iTunes is the best music player/organiser I've ever used. It automatically organises your music as long as you open your mp3 within the iTunes folder.


    3. white

    4. video
  7. I have the white 4gb nano. :heart: I don't really have use for a video ipod. My friend has one and it takes a little bit for the movie to load. The screen is also so small you basically end up just listening to the file.
  8. Whatever you get, a good strong case that allows you to use the player in it (as opposed to just hold it) is first priority.

    I have the 40GB and a Nano. The big one holds all of my music and it goes in the car with me - I had an Alpine stereo and ipod interface built in so no wires showing. I sometimes use on the treadmill as well. It is in a very strong protective clear rubber case.

    Nano is black and adorable and perfect exercise partner.
    NOTE: An early batch of nanos did have the screen fragility problem; not all of them. Mine is fine.

    Video I wouldn't use at all so can't comment.
  9. I have the white 60 GB video. Love it! Didn't want the Nano because I had heard there were so many early problems with it...and didn't want something too small that it would get lost in the purse.

    I went with white because I was told the black really shows scratches (even though I have mine in a protective rubber case). Plus I was upgrading and had a white before and liked it.
  10. I should mention that I've never used the video. My g/f does and she loves it...downloads Desperate Housewives every week.
  11. 1. most mp3s will play fine on an ipod, it's just the ones that come from services that compete with itunes (musicmatch, napster) that aren't compatible.

    2. itunes does all the file conversions for you

    3. i like the white a lot better, it's quite clean-looking, particularly with the chrome backing.

    4. i'd get the video, the nano is kind of a ripoff - the difference between the most expensive nano and the least expensive regular ipod is only like $50 and the regular one holds many many times the amount of music.
  12. All the questions you had have been answered, so I'll just throw in my .02!

    I bought the video ipod in white. I use it ALL the time! Hubby downloaded a program for $35 that will convert any DVD and upload it to the ipod. (I spend a lot of time waiting on my 14YO daughter and during those times sitting in the car, I watch movies. It DOES use more battery when watching movies but I charge it at night anyway.) I can also watch the movies on the computer but have rarely done that.

    I went with white vs. black because after reading many apple/ipod forums, they talked about how badly the black scratches. (I think it just shows up more.) Mine did not scratch anywhere NEAR what I thought it was going to, BTW.

    The Agent 18 case is clear and protects the ipod fantastically as well as allowing me to plug it in and play it on my speakers I also bought. It's about $25 and you can buy it at the apple store online.

    The scratches polish right out, too. Just use a tiny bit of Pledge on a paper towel.
  13. I just got a white video ipod and I love it! yes it will play normal mp3's, but you can't buy normal mp3's from itunes, you have to make them by ripping your own cd's or downloading them elsewhere. it will also play itunes proprietary file format, obviously.
    I decided on white because it doesn't get so visibly scratched.
    I decided on the video because it is a much better deal than the nano, (although you can totally mod a nano to watch video on it) why bother when you can pay just a little more and get tons more storage space?

    I haven't tried converting video, I've just been downloading ipod-ready torrents (bad, but itunes doesn't offer movies anyway). supposedly there is software to do it for you.
  14. You can find lots of great information about the different iPods, helper software applications (for converting video and such), reviews of accessories and lots of help from the different forums on:
  15. i know nothing except that apple gives a student discount of about 10%