Thinking of buying a suhali black L'Aimable

  1. Does anyone have pics modeling this bag? I am thinking of purchasing this bag and would like to get an idea of the size. Also anyones thoughts on this bag, to buy or not to buy and why? thanks in advance
  2. Yup, cute but TINY. I'd go for a Le Tal instead.
  3. If you need to carry alot- this would not be a good choice. I love it and hope to get it soon, but I usually only carry around a pochette.
  4. i have a black suhali l'aimable and love mine because i dont carry a lot. it's my first piece of suhali and i loooveeee her :biggrin:
  5. Good luck..
  6. I was thinking of using this bag as a going out at night bag. Would only carry my id, credit card, cell phone, money and possible a lip gloss and powder.
  7. i think if you are only going to carry a small amount then it would be fine, i just think its V small, what about the le tal? you could use that for both day and night? x
  8. I would buy it, just use it for days u dont carry much, but if you tend to carry more than what you think it will hold, go for the le tal, yeah its $960 more retail, but it may be the better investment :smile:
  9. It's really cute for going out at night. But for the day, you really have to limit your items, since it's tiny.
  10. This is exactly what I use my blue L'aimable for :yes: Go for it!
  11. It is really cute.
  12. I think it's cute but pretty small. I'd get a le tal instead, personally.
  13. found seller asking $999 on eBay, just not sure if its really worth it.
  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE suhali!
    You'll love a L Aimable - Hope you get one!