Thinking of Buying a New Bag? Do You Already Have One You Prefer?

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  1. I was partly inspired to start this thread by hmwe's fairly similar one in the Chloe subforum:

    ...and partly by the fact that I was, recently, going to buy a Chloe Patent Elvire Clutch; in fact, I did buy it and then return it, as it had faults, as did its replacement. ​

    But, in the process, I realised that, not only did I already have a black patent clutch bag, with silver hardware (my perceived 'need' for a bag of this type was spurring my purchase), but that I actually preferred it to the £505/$1,010 Elvire Clutch and also found it lighter and far less top heavy! :rolleyes:

    Here's the Elvire:​


    ...and here's my Prada Pochette (which I prefer):​


    So, my question is, have you ever had the same experience and/or if you are about to buy a new bag (that you absolutely must have!), is it possible that you already own a bag that you like as much, or more and that performs the same function?​

    If so, please feel free to post pics of both bags here! :biggrin:
    Chloe AW '07 Elvire Patent Clutch NAP.jpg Prada Mock Croc Pochette ch.jpg
  2. great thread, CHB! :tup:

    I'm currently contemplating the MJ cecillia in a coral colour and it wasn't until i read this thread that i realised how silly that would be in view of my MJ stam! What was i thinking?! I think i fell for that cute diagonal pocket, but seriously, I'm better off using my $$$ for something really different. Pics below...

    (from NM website)
  3. ugh! i can't add the picture of my stam - it's too big! does anyone know how to condense it?
  4. i_wona- I was having the same feelings about that coral Cecilia. I saw it IRL at Nordstrom this past weekend and I was thinking it was going to be my next bag. Silly! I already have 3 Stam bags. It seems like it would be foolish to purchase another bag that is so similar. The color is gorgeous, though!

  5. Thanks, i_wona! :flowers: I thought I might be alone, there, for a while! :lol:

    Re. condensing, do you have Adobe?