Thinking of buying a MAB, but nervous...sell me on RM please!

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  1. I am new to RM and her handbags. I have only been into designer handbags for about a year and so far, I have been into and buying Coach, all leather handbags (I am not a fan of the signature bags with the C's all over them at all).

    I need to buy a new bag and I know that I want a satchel. I like the look and size of the MABs but I have never seen or felt a RM bag in person and am nervous to buy one. I have already checked, my area Nordstrom and Saks doesn't have the MAB in stock in the store.

    Tell me what you love about the MAB and about the quality of RM bags. I have searched the RM threads but am just curious what you ladies love about them the most. And, do you feel a MAB is a bag that you can carry for a long time without being considered a trendy bag?

    TIA! Can't wait to hear your answers!
  2. Ugh, I just typed out a big response and lost it. Basically I said that I love my MAM. Much more than any of the leather Coach bags I own. I don't think they are too trendy. A satchel is timeless really.

    The one I bought is pictured toward the end of this page of this thread.

    I ordered one from endless and it wasn't quite what I wanted color wise. The leather was super soft though. I called endless and they emailed me a return label and sent me out another color MAM that day. This one I love. The leather is a bit different on this one. I think the leathers vary based on colors and when they were released. I am not sure, but the ladies on here should be able to tell you more on that. I am new to RM myself.

    I would order from a place like endless with free shipping and return shipping so you can try it out and see what you think. What colors are you looking for?
  3. The MAB is a classic, and I don't think it will ever go out of style. I love alot of the leathers which RM uses. If the MAB is the style you love, get it in a leather which looks smooshy, as it will help the MAB look less boxy.

    I think the MAB is a great choice (or a Nikki) as an introduction to RM
  4. I want a neutral so I can wear it a lot. I love gray, black, or a deep, rich brown color.
  5. ^ YUM! if that were a MAM, i'd be in big trouble.

    the morning after bag is definitely a classic bag, imo. but i must warn you, RM is VERY addicting... :devil:
  6. Then the MAB is the perfect choice for you! RM's MAB in grays, black, and browns are really nice, classic bags. Great leather quality too. I ordered the dark gray MAB, and I am eagerly anticipating its arrival. I also recently ordered a black one through Bluefly. I think the MAB is a timeless style. Classic looking, elegant, and practical.
  7. I totally agree. MAB's are my absolute favorite style - it's timeless, classic, and stunning! Try to get one with a strap, which makes it even more comfortable when you need to be hands-free. Good luck!!
  8. Does anyone know where I can find a modeling pic of someone wearing the long strap on their shoulder? I looked a lot yesterday in the MAB lover's thread but the pics showed everyone wearing it on their arm. I would mostly wear it on my arm or in my hand, but being the mother of two kids under 5, I would use the long strap at times when I am holding my 2 year old.

    That is the one thing steering me away from the Coach leather satchels right now, I don't like the way the ends come up and the way they look when wearing the shoulder strap. I was also wondering, do all the MABs have a zip top or are some closed with a magnetic snap? I thought I read that somewhere.....

    Thanks for all your replies, ladies. I really think I am going to take the RM MAB plunge in dark gray. I am going to NY for the first time next fall and I really think she would be the perfect bag for my trip as well!
  9. The mab can fit over my shoulder with the shorter handles if need be, which is a nice feature. The long strap would be useful too. :yes:

  10. Click on the link I posted earlier in this thread showing the one I just bought. I have it over my shoulder in one of the pics. I have found I can use the longer strap over my shoulder or you can undo the clasps on the side of the bag and clip the longer strap there. That makes it long enough for cross-body. Also, I can throw it over my shoulder with the shorter handles as well. Obviously this isn't as comfortable, but it will do if you are in a hurry.
  11. Thank you! I even looked at your thread before, don't know how my goofy self missed that pic! It looks great both ways! Obviously better has a hand-held or on your forearm but it doesn't look bad with the strap at all. Ok, well, I am loving it a lot!!!! Thanks so much, ladies! I will keep you updated on my purchase. I think I am going to go for a dark gray MAB if I can find one! :yahoo:
  12. UGH!!!! I have been searching online for the last 2 hours for a MAB in dark gray (with a long strap) and have found nothing but MAM in dark gray. In fact, I haven't seen a big selection of MABs at all. Mostly black. Is the MAM more popular?
  13. endless has the best selection of MAB's, but I haven't seen the dk gray that I can recall on any sites recently.
  14. They seem to be out of stock right now, but perhaps new stock may come in for the dark gray MAB. The places that had it were,, and Museten had it as recently as last week. had the missing long strap issue with the regular MAB. Unavailable as of right now at these websites, but inventory could change. Good luck!