Thinking of buying a EVELYNE ...advice please!

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  1. I'm thinking of getting an EVELYNE but I dont even know where to begin.

    Can somone tell me what sizes there are?
    Leather types?
    and what is this II and I...?
    and any other differences...thanks!
  2. To my knowledge there are four sizes

    from smallest to largest: TPM, PM, GM, TGM

    Leather types include Clemence ( most often), Epsom, Barenia, Togo, Canvas Toile w Leather, Vibrato and others.

    The Evelyne I does not have an exterior pocket, the II does.
  3. quinn you've pretty much explained it alll to meeee...THANKS!!!!!
  4. Opps one more quick question.....!!!
    Which one is the sturdiest (holds its structure)??
    and more resistant to scratch and fading and etc...??

    (im planning to put this thing into heavy use!)

  5. MissV, I've just traveled with my clemence Evelyne PM2 and I'm very impressed with it. I wore it over my body the whole time and let's just say, I wasn't the most careful with it. I'm so glad I got the PM2 version as the exterior pocket is so handy for easy access to my wallet, phone and keys.

    I'm totally in love with the clemence leather. I was caught in a heavy monsoon downpour twice and the bag was literally wet (just the exterior). I wiped the water off and it looked as good as new. In all honesty, I've actually forgotten to dry it a couple of times and it still looked alright. I actually packed both my Evelyne and Birkin into a Longchamp Les Pliages bag. I could literally fold it in half and the leather came right a day later. The clemence leather is perfect if you've got children.

    I ended up just leaving the Birkin at the hotel the whole time as I find it easier to travel with both hands free. Since the Evelyne molds to my body so it's not bulky at all. Hope this helps.
  6. Sturdiest would be Epsom...but it's quite stiff, and not a huge favourite among a lot of members here. Clemence is lovely, but soft, and quite resistant to scratches.
  7. clemence it may be.........I'm guessing these aren't "hard: to come by are they?? does anyone know rough pricing on lets say (hope I get this right)..Evelyne GM II in Clemence.....?:P
  8. Ohhh and does it come in exotic leathers???
  9. missV-are you planning to purchase it in Vancouver? if so, prices for a clemence evelyne 2 is about 2600 +/-; I can't remmeber exactly.
    As for as exotics; I don't know but I've haven't seen it at the store before. I've seen trim's in exotics, not evelynes.
  10. evelynes dont come in exotics. they always have a nice selection at Madison avenue. right now red, green, brown, blue jean
  11. Evelyne is a PERFECT shoulder, All-Purpose bag.

    I love mine.

    It's a perfect, perfect Bag. Hands Free, Low Maintenance and very Chic!! I get lots of compliments of my Rouge Garance Evelyne PM..and no matter what color you will be Perfect!

    PS...Clemence is best, if you just want an all-around, lug it around with no care in the world type of bag!! About the prices (In US Dollars)....December 2006 it was $2200 w/tax "Before" February 2007 price increase for Evelyne PM. It's $300+ or more for the PM2, $500+ for the GM. I hope I got that right!!

    It's also a GREAT HERMES "Starter" kit bag....

    If you know what I mean....:graucho:

    Speaking of...Im enjoying the thought of getting another Evelyne in Etoupe....but then...something's "coming" very soon.
  12. I'd definitely recommend Clemence for an Evelyne. It takes color beautifully and feels so nice. Molds to your body in a way that a true messenger bag should. Go for it!
  13. Yay! thanks Everyone!!! here we gooo..!!..