Thinking of adding these to My Collection

  1. Three words. Dont. Buy. It.
  2. ioffer is mostly fakes (I personally have never seen a real one). Please check with the LV forum to see if these are real. For the price it doesn't make sense that they would be but you never know.
  3. Yeah I said dont buy it....because it is fake.
  4. oh, no!!!!
  5. I'm not sure I would buy into that "offer" either
  6. It most be fake! 4500 dollar??? for all that? No way.
  7. Well said!
  8. Yeah, I'm gonna pass on that...
    1) Too good to be true
    2) iOffer = breeding ground for fakes, so I've heard
    3) The MC Speedy in the right back is FAKE
    4) Agreed 10000000% w/ foxiyellow: DONT. BUY. IT!
  9. You should really post this in the LV section for the experts to authenticate...but from the little I know...every one of those looks fake to me!!! That's a bummer...because it would be a great deal if they were authentic...but hold out for the real thing!