Thinking of a new bag...options...options...

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  1. Hi girls,

    I am thinking of getting a Lily, but I am worried about a few things. Do you think the leather on the oak would get rain marks easily? I know there have been some posts on 'oak in the rain', but there seem to be differences between the different oak pieces. I am not sure about the chain when the bag is worn across the body either (that bit 'in the middle').

    Also, do you think this bag is too 'dressy'? I am a 'casual, jeans' girl, and I don't want the bag to be out of place if you know what I mean ;) I guess the black Lily would be 'dressier'..

    By the way, I saw the Daria in drizzle, and I have to say, I might just prefer it to the oxblood (!). I don't know why, the colour just works!

    I hope all of you are well!
  2. Hi there I don't have a lily but love the look of it. I think the Lily can be worn with a casual outfit to lift it a bit or more dressy. Am sure one of the happy new lily owners will give you some advice soon!
  3. I think the Lily is both formal and casual, the oak being most casual but also easy to dress up.

    Yes, since it's nvt leather, it's prone to rainmarks, same as Bays which is also nvt, but this is smaller, and you might get away with hiding it under your coat if you get caught in a downpour;)
  4. I agree, I think the lilly can/will go with most outfits... but so long as u don't carry much ;)
    I guess if you want a proper 'day' bag to carry lots of bits & bobs in, then the daria may fit the bill for you.
  5. Oak is formal/casual, Black is more formal. That Oak NVT will definitely mark in the rain, though. Personally, I think it's a bit high to wear messenger style, but people do.