Thinking I might return some items...

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Return outlet goodies for Black Sig Carly?

  1. Keep the goodies

  2. Return the goodies - get the Carly!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Should I...

    Return all my outlet goodies recently purchased and put the money toward a medium black signature carly


    Keep my outlet goodies and forget the carly?

    Pics of the outlet goodies and desired carly attached.

    Attached Files:

  2. Well, if you are considering returning a bag, a wallet and a wristlet for the Carly, you must really love it! No one can decide which matter to you more except you.

    Personally, I'd keep the flap bag, wallet and wristlet, as I think they are gorgeous!
  3. Im voted for the Carly. Im a little biast though I have the same bag!
  4. All that goodies for one true love... I say go for it! (try not to return the legacy leather wristlet though because it's a GREAT item and will last you a long long time)
  5. That is a lovely flap bag but I HIGHLY recommend the Carly. :yes:
  6. I voted to get the Carly, but I'm kinda wishy-washy and could've easily said keep the stuff. :P

    I did the exact same thing a few weeks ago -- returned a handful of outlet purchases I hadn't ever used and got a gift card to use at Coach towards something else.
  7. I vote for keep the outlet goodies AND buy the Carly. Oh, wait... that wasn't an option. It's up to you but I think the outlet stuff is beautiful!
  8. I just bought the same flap bag the other day at the outlet and love it. I'd keep it and get the Carly. :biggrin:
  9. That's hard.. I think the carly is a beautiful bag but I love that group of goodies you got at the outlet! I think if you can have 3 items for the price of 1, I would just make sure you know what YOU would be happiest with!! You really can't go wrong either way, as long as you are happy spending more for one thing... good luck!!
  10. I favor leather and that soho flap is beautiful! what a pretty color!! is it camel? it looks too dark for camel, maybe natural? did that bag come in whiskey? gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    I say keep the set vs only Carly b/c I greatly enjoy my accessories and love for my bag and wallet to match.
    Maybe just start saving for a carly for fall?
  11. I voted for the Carly!
  12. I vote Carly! & I would try to hold onto the wristlet, it's very nice.
  13. The soho flap is saddle! It has red tones in person. I really like the outlet stuff, but I also really like the black carly but can't have both because i've already spent too much in the past two months. I also have a whiskey legacy shoulder on the way so I don't know if that will be whiskey-colored overkill.....oh, I hate decisions.
  14. Carly.
  15. Carly.