Thinking back on my amazing trip around Italy lakes

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  1. I went through some pics of last summer holiday in Italy and boy, do i wanna go back! I just had the most amazing time. If you are thinking of going to Lake Garda, Lake como or the other lakes DO IT!
    I have been to many places, but this must be my favourite holiday spot. Its just breathtaking, the scenary, the food, the pople, the shopping (we went to Milan for a day).

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  2. amazing pictures... I know exactly what u mean... by just looking at the pictures, I want to go back on vacation already... i WAS IN Spain the first week of September... the good memories... but I have to study for my boards... excell then go back on a vaca...
  3. My grandfather is the biggest fan of the Italian lakes in the North, he was visiting his friends every year and they'd go fishing for weeks.
  4. We saw that area on our trip to Italy a few years ago. Every place looked like a picture postcard. Lake Como is gorgeous. Did you go to Bellagio? We cruised past George Clooney's home--what a location he has!

    I'd go back in a heartbeat:smile: