Thinking Aloud - Please HELP Me Think Straight

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PT's New Default Bag Should Be

  1. Gucci Brown Cuban Lamb Soft Stirrup - and a trip to the US

  2. Gucci Black 'pony' Soft Stirrup - you'll probably buy it anyway

  3. Gucci Brown Cuban Lamb Goldmark - not as sexy but the right leather and everyone will know it's your

  4. Nero BV Maxi Veneta - buy it already, it's a good excuse

  5. Victoria II - buy it - if you can find a neutral

  6. Don't buy any of those listed - I'm sure you have the perfect bag already, clear your room to find i

  7. Buy something else - I'm going to tell you what below

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have a LOT of bags and not room for many more, especially not large and even more especially not any large mistakes. BTW I am in no hurry, it will take me a couple of months whatever.

    However I am missing a large smart-casual chuck-around kinda bag. An easy default bag with minimal fuss and without the weight of too much hardware (all if poss of course). Preferably something I can fit over my shoulder with a decent coat.

    Usually I know 'the one' and so I did this season, I had my heart set on this Cuban Lamb, Gucci Large Soft Stirrup but Gucci are not selling it in Europe only the US. The leather feels like velvet and is very light even lined in suede. They only have that leather on a different bag called the Goldmark

    Soft Stirrup

    They do have the black 'Pony' version but I can't chuck around a pony (and I already have plenty of calf hair bags, laptop cover, shoes, clogs - I don't really want to end up looking like a pony myself.


    Now I could get the Goldmark but it's not as sexy and it doesn't go over my shoulder

    I could quite happily buy another BV instead and forgo my seasonal fix of Gucci leather :nuts: the Maxi Veneta in Nero (black - I already have a smaller brown hobo - come to mention it, I also have another black BV hobo but its a little lamb angel of a bag and I couldn't chuck that around)

    Pic of the Nero Maxi Veneta below but basically its a HUGE envelope of intrecciato

    Now the BV MV is sexy but will my netbook and books stretch it out?

    or I could just default to Hermes and get the work horse of work horses a Victoria II, I have no idea what colour, probably any neutral that happens to be around in a couple of months.

    Please don't think of the price, just think about saving regrets.
  2. Hey PT! You in a quandary? I've gotta laugh! You are the queen of magnificent taste!! I don't even feel comfortable advising you. The Hermes bag looks like an all time classic BTW and completely different in style to the others you post. I love the look of the Gucci Stirrup but you and I both know that while Gucci leathers are indestructible, the leather used is rather heavy especially once it is loaded on a daily usage. Perhaps the Maxi BV in one of the new dark blue colors? As long as it won't be weighed down heavily it might work otherwise I don't think it will last and then in that case, I would say the Gucci. Due to the very thick, strong leather Gucci uses, they perform!

    Can't wait to see down the road what you finally decide on!
  3. I don't have any Hermes bags, but I looked at Victoria II in a H store and it looked really nice. The price is high though.

    I think I vote Soft Stirrup if it's reasonably lightweight.
  4. Thank you for your kind and supportive words BgaHolic :hugs:

    My problem is that I already picked and decided on 'the one'. the Gucci Cuban lamb large Soft Stirrup.

    I am not used to being denied the bag of my choice by Gucci but this time I'm told it's impossible to buy this bag in Europe because it's an exclusive to the US.

    Only the pony version is a worthwhile alternative and available here. The beige suede is colour is too impractical and the pythons...I don't want python for this bag. I could wait and see if I have to go to US for work and hopefully buy the Cuban Lamb Soft-Stirrup then, but I am doubtful I will need to go until next February and by that time I they will be possibly be sold out. :girlsigh:

    On weight - The Cuban Lamb is thick but surprisingly light, on the Goldmark I was shocked how light (and gorgeous) the leather is. That leather will only look better with age too. You are so right about Gucci leather, the 'normal' leathers are built to last for at least a few generations :biggrin:

    The BV MV and the H Victoria II are good alternatives, not at all second best but I wouldn't want to ruin a precious Veneta so I guess I need advice its durability. The Victoria also looks like it could be indestructible in Clemence T leather. The actual leather is a big consideration for this purchase
  5. From what I know of your exquisite taste and love for Gucci, I had to vote #1. What a beautiful bag!!! Plus a trip could give you a great memory of acquiring your new fall bag, no?;)
  6. I agree, the Victoria is roughly puts an extra 1/3 on the prices of the comparative bags from BV and G . For the right bag I don't mind but of course it's a consideration. I will just have to cut my budget for planned other things accordingly :-s. It does look nice to me too. I know that some would consider it a boring looking bag but a) for work that can only be a good thing and b) it's easy to dress up with a little scarf or charm for off-duty. I also wish the hardware came in gold as well as palladium but I have never seen one.

    I tried the Soft Stirrup in 'pony', it's such a stylish, carefree but sexy bag. Lightweight, minimal hardware, but basically huge - easily the volume of the flat Maxi Veneta. Also because of the depth, unlike the Veneta it doesn't look so large.

    I am just imagining myself using these bags all week, all day. Both the Victoria and the Soft-Stirrup could accommodate bulky/strange shaped items more easily than the Veneta. Sometime I carry heels for that wonder-woman quick change.
  7. :lol:

    So far, you are all doing a great job getting me to come and visit the US. I wouldn't mind stocking up on Reeces Pieces either while I'm there but then I would just have more to confess in the Health and Fitness sub-forum

    It's also making me cry you all agree with my in-love choice. Gucci's so unfair to make a bag only available to one part of the world :pout:
  8. I've gone for the 'don't buy any' option. Nothing else will do other than that soft stirrup imo. Clear that room out :lecture:, rediscover a bag that could definitely be a workhorse, forgo the jewellery and instead buy a lovely piece of storage furniture so that you don't have to clear out said room again for quite some time :angel:

    Then maybe you could perhaps think of taking a well-deserved break, maybe to the US ....:sneaky:
  9. I opted for the "don't buy any" choice and here's why:
    The bags you are considering appear to be all over the place. There's a beautiful hobo, a tote, a satchel...This to me indicates that you really don't know what you want and more importantly, need in your collection. I would therefore take a look at your existing bags and maybe do some editing to narrow down your needs and wants. Maybe instead of the proverbial spring cleaning do a fall editing and see if some of your. Ags need to be retired and passed on to someone else, therefore giving you the space both literally and figuratively to find what's lacking. Good luck!
  10. I'm glad that I gave that option too, I often 'shop' in my wardrobe, That would mean (for work especially) another year with my Gucci Jockey Boston, Gucci travel bag, Bal Bowler and continued 'borrowing' of my BF's holdall, which would be fine, most other things require rain-covers.

    However, I do still have a very strong urge for something squidgy, smooshy and pebbled or interesting in texture :graucho:

    I'm not bad at organising my wardrobe, an extra walk-in would be a help though :lol:. I do have the World's most magnificent and fabulous bed. All my bags fit neatly under, except for my Gucci BTHs and crocs/lizard Kelly which 'sleep' on top with me.

    The generic type doesn't really matter to me so long as it's not another sleek structured top-handle (which I have quite a few of). If I'm out, I'm out all day, sometimes evening too - hence texture, colour, size and weight (interesting texture, dark (or easy to clean) big and fairly light). Indestructible is the key word that spring to mind.

    I will go through my wardrobe, I like to do that regularly anyway. I did edit a Tods Micky recently and immediately regretted it for the money (what money? :shrugs:) but on the other hand my sister has 2 new Tee shirts and a new fabulous belt. Actually, almost every time I go to town I take clothes to sell at a vintage/pre-loved shop, I will try to take some more this week :tup:
  11. PT, when and if you decide to finally come to the U.S. and purchase that beauty, make sure you give me a call. I would love to see it too! You are the queen of exquisite taste! Hope you land that beauty soon! I had to read your post twice - lined in suede and lightweight!!! That's a permanant keeper/heirloom!
  12. I loved all of your poll options (the one about clearing your room was hilarious.) I'm afraid I too like your #1 choice...and I'm sure you have the perfect travel bag to use on your trip to the US ;)
  13. Unfortunately, I too, like Option #1. What a gorgeous bag!
  14. :hugs: You too have wonderful taste, a cool head and mountains of restraint (I wished I had more of the last).

    I find it really silly that this bag is only available in the US. Who determines these things, a rich young intern, blindfolded with a needle over a list?

    I am so glad everyone agrees with me so far and likes the bag, it does vindicate my first choice.

    Guess what I did until 04:00 this morning? Going through all my things :biggrin:.

    I didn't find a comparative bag to #1 but I did find a brown distressed-leather jacket that would look perfect with it :smash:
  15. #15 Sep 24, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2012
    I voted for #1 simply because it sounds as though you have your heart set on this bag and I would not settle for anything less if that's truly the bag you want! Can you call a US Boutique and have it shipped to you? If not maybe you could find someone in the US that would be willing to purchase on your behalf and ship it to you? I am sure you can get your hands on this bag if it's really the one you want!!!

    Personally, my first choice would be the Victoria II. That is a true HG bag for me, but pretty far from my budget. I think it's such a timeless and classic work horse that could be a go to for many many years to come! So going with what I love, that would be my choice. :smile: