Thinking ahead to after Christmas...

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What purchase under $450?

  1. Mini Lin cles

  2. Azur pochette

  3. Azur mini pochette

  4. Berry Inclusion bracelet

  5. Other

  6. Save the $$$ and buy something more expensive later!

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  1. I think you save your money towards a larger purchase. You never know what is going to be release for Valentine's Day either.
  2. I would wait and save your money, there's always another bag just around the corner!
  3. Save it for a larger purchase! Something you really want.
  4. I say save ur money and get something u love :smile:
  5. Awww saving the $$ beat the Azur pochette...

    Ahahaha...screw the saving $$$, I'm buying the Azur pochette after Christmas! I'm just so...attracted to it now :love:
    And I shouldn't be buying anything for me on Valentine's the BF should!

    Thanks for your input everyone!

  6. ^ITA!!:heart:
  7. Either the Azur Pochette or Mini Pochette. I think those two are next on my list. The Pochette for me and the Mini for my daughter.
  8. save up! =)
  9. Save your money:yes: for when the next season arrives. You will be glad you did.
  10. Karman, get a pochette, it's more practical and Azur is cute too :smile:
  11. I would get the azur pochette.
  12. Save the money and buy a bag. Much better investment and u will thoroughly enjoy it more :smile:
  13. Love the gold chain on the Azure mini pochette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Karman, the azur pochette would be cute on you.

    But what is the exact Canadian price for the azur pochette?
  15. Damier Azur pochette, it's so pretty, you should get it Karman!!