Thinking ahead to after Christmas...

What purchase under $450?

  • Mini Lin cles

  • Azur pochette

  • Azur mini pochette

  • Berry Inclusion bracelet

  • Other

  • Save the $$$ and buy something more expensive later!

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Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
Sooo from what I've heard so sounds like I will probably be able to get around $300 CAD in HR Gift cards/cash for Christmas.
I would loveee to buy a piece of new LV but of course $300 can't but MUCH, so I have a few choices...
Please select one of the following, or give me a suggestion for something around $300-$450!
Epi Pochette!

I would save it and put it towards a big purchase! I am getting HR GC's as well but no bag has really caught my eye. I'm excited about the white epi though!