Thinking ahead to after Christmas...

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What purchase under $450?

  1. Mini Lin cles

  2. Azur pochette

  3. Azur mini pochette

  4. Berry Inclusion bracelet

  5. Other

  6. Save the $$$ and buy something more expensive later!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Sooo from what I've heard so sounds like I will probably be able to get around $300 CAD in HR Gift cards/cash for Christmas.
    I would loveee to buy a piece of new LV but of course $300 can't but MUCH, so I have a few choices...
    Please select one of the following, or give me a suggestion for something around $300-$450!
  2. Damier Azur pochette! I don´t remember the price though, but that should do it.
  3. Epi Pochette!

    I would save it and put it towards a big purchase! I am getting HR GC's as well but no bag has really caught my eye. I'm excited about the white epi though!
  4. Yes, an Azur pochette - I voted for the mini, just because its super cute, but the regular pochette is really nice as well.
  5. I'd love one, probably in black or lilac...or WHITE if it's actually being released, but IMO Epi is too expensive new! So I don't think Epi anything...:crybaby:
  6. I had an epi pochette in lilac, its a beautiful color!! I think I paid around $420CDN 3 years ago? :shrugs:
  7. Azur pochette! Or if you can find a good deal on a used epi ;)
  8. I agree. When I buy my first epi pochette, it will be used:yes:
  9. Eek! :wtf: Nope...If that's the case it must be like...$500 now? :wtf:
    By then I'd be considering spending $200 more to buy a Speedy!
  10. I love my azur mini pouchette, that gold chain is so cute!
  11. My vote is to save for a nice purse - I'm so looking forward to the Spring. Early February - for the new red.
  12. either the azur pochette or the mini pochette!
  13. Azur pochette...hands down.
  14. I vote for save for something later on:yes:
  15. I think you should save the money and use it towards a bigger purchase later.