Thinking ahead...ostrich Kelly or Bolide!!

  1. I just got off the phone w/my SA and she said for me to think about ordering an ostrich bag in Jan.07!! So long to wait...:hysteric:
    Well, I'm thinking of an ostrich Kelly 35 supple or rigide or a Bolide.
    Maybe chocolate brown...not sure. I wear black 99.9% of the time and am not sure what colors ostrich comes in. I prefer darker colors.
    What I need to do is fly there somehow and see the leather swatches.

    I like a classic look and am wondering what to do w/hardware, color, etc. Any ideas? Thanks!!:wlae:

    I'm wondering how long it will take to order...:upsidedown:
  2. Ooh, lucky you!
    If it were me, I'd order blue Roi ostrich, which looks great either with palladium or gold HW.
    Chocolate would also be high on my list.
    I prefer ostrich in Rigide Kelly bags, How fun!
  3. Oh thanks Greentea! I never thought of blue Roi ostrich!
    I just had a thought...dark grey w/palladium HW!! Maybe.
  4. Royal blue, violette and violine would be nice choices in darker colors. Otherwise, I would say orange and fuchsia! :love:
  5. OMG...They all sound gorgeous!! :tender:
  6. about VB's Gold Ostrich Kelly in that fabby pic of her carrying her son AND the bag!!!!!! Goes with everything, very chic, can be casual AND dressy too!!!!!

    omg much fun is THIS!?!?!?!?!??!
  7. ok...I think it is time for you to go with a little color and move away from only neutrals. I say if you are daring and willing to go for color go with violette and palladium hw. Afterall, ostrich is an exotic and it should be an interesting color.

    If you are afraid...I say to go with the chocolate family and then gold hw.
  8. After seeing LaVan's Marbella thread I am going to agree with Kellybag on this and vote for a Violette Ostrich Kelly. That would be TDF.
  9. For the price on the ostrich, and because you like darker colors, I say go for a brown ostrich kelly.
  10. Chocolate Ostrick Kelly - gold H/w.......yum!
  11. I love the Violette ostrich Kelly and the Chocolate...they both sound yummy!!

    OMG...I LOVE the gold too!! Cognac?
  12. SA just called me today and said she has a cognac ostrich Bolide 31 w/gold HW if I want it!!:yahoo: The only thing is that I have a cognac ostrich Birkin 35 w/palladium HW coming in too. I don't know what to do. I'm not sure if I am really a Birkin person. I've had 30cm and thought it was too small (could swallow the bag)! :wtf: I have a 31cm Bolide and it is easy to use w/zipper and shoulder strap.
    Help!! I do love the ostrich Bolide, but know that the Birkin is really "hot". Which do you think looks better in ostrich. I feel bad for the ostrich too...from another thread.
  13. OMG, LH! See how these things happen????? Yikes! Well....what Bolide do you have now? (BTW, I LOE Bolides and can easily understand your feelings....)
  14. I know I'm going crazy!! I have the black box 31cm Bolide w/gold HW (my sister-in-law thinks it's an old lady's bag, but I love it) and I have a white clemence 31cm Bolide w/palladium HW which I haven't worn yet. I'm struggling w/the Birkin because I know it's a "hot" bag, but not sure it's really "me". Also, I worry about ostrich since I love birds!!'s beautiful!!:yes:
  15. * sigh* sounds exciting whatever you get, I love ostrich.:heart: I prefer the design of the birkin compared to the bolide...coming from a Hermes novice.:shrugs: