Thinking about this...HELP

  1. I would like to purshase this noe...but i see that the lining and everything is very used,can i send it to a LV store and they could change the handles and the other things too??
    I hope i wrote the right thing loll
    Item 844690603 (Louis Vuitton Monogram Noe)

  2. Can I be honest and tell you that NOTHING can be done to this bag to revive it.:wtf: I hope the seller is giving it away becuase I can't see ANYONE paying for it. Sorry, but that's just my honest opinion.
  3. lol, I also wanted to say that I'd rather buy a new one in this case! Sorry!
  4. so i guess i should not buy this bag then ?I know that you (Irene) are the Noe expert loll:smile:

    I liked it because it gave a vintage feel to it,and it only cost 185$
  5. ITA!! :yes:
  6. i think this noe looks a little tooooooooooooooooooo worn... i'm sure you can find a vintage looking one on ebay that is also in good condition coco_allure!
  7. LV will replace the leather, but it may be more practical for you to just buy a new one. Good luck!
  8. OMG ! That cat.. tooo cute ! *dies* :wtf:

    And yeah, that's definitely worn. The cost of replacing all the leather will likely be around 2/3rds the cost of a new bag.. sooo, it's not really a good deal !
  9. Get a new one or keep searching for one that looks not so worn out. I understand that you like the vintage look but this is way to worn out.
  10. Yeah...ITA with everyone...the hardware...has green deposits on the side? Eeew...and changing the leather would cost a LOT of $$$ considering the condition the bag is in, save your money, get a new one! :smile:
  11. Much better deal then new, and in better shape.
    The petit now is HUGE! So I personally think going to the noe you can save a few dollars here,
    Item 844773496 (Louis Vuitton Monogram Petit Noe)

    or this one
    Item 844953547 (Louis Vuitton Monogram Petit Noe) ( little more loved then i'd care for.)

    Plus with it being preowned you have no worries about using it.
    I recently purchased from this seller and got the petit now and love it!!!

    here is the bag i purchased

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  12. Yes, I agree with the others. I'm always up for a great deal, but this bag doesn't seem like it can be fixed. I always try to find a bag where the exterior looks decent and the interior looks salvageable (at the very extreme). I once saw this Damier Marais sold for $99, but the interior looked as though a dog mangled it (note: this isn't the one that was posted a while back on this board). Don't worry, your Noe is out there!
  13. Yep...I am sorry but I wouldn't be caught dead carrying that bag (and this is putting it lightly as i don't want to hurt your feelings ;))

    If I were to get this bag it'd be to hold tools or for a planter or something of that nature. You can get a much more decent Noe or Petit Noe for close to that price. GL!
  14. I have a vintage "hand me down" noe that is/was in a similar condition overall but kinda different....Since it was free I had nothing to lose (this was years ago too.....) I took out armorall, leather balm, cleaner, etc. and just worked the crap out of it. I got a new drawstring for like $15 from LV (again, this was years ago) smothered it in the leather balm to darken it...She looks ok today and I love to use her for travel because she really can't get anymore beat up than what I've fixed already and can fix again....My point though, I don't think I would have spent more than $50 on this bag in the condition it was in.....
  15. I think it would be a shame to spend any money on this bag. I wouldnt use it for free! Some do not take care of their bags. I have seen used bags from people on the forum that are old but the condition is impeccable. If you take care of an LV bag, they will last forever and will look good. This bag is horrible. I dont think you will be happy at all with it. It really looks nasty. Be patient, you will find another and in better condition. I'm curious as to what this is selling for?