Thinking about the Jolicoeur tote..

  1. I need a new tote and don't have the funds for a the LV Cabas Mezzo so I was searching eBay and love the Jolicoeur tote. There are two on eBay I'm looking at : medium size (>) and large ( I'm pretty assured that the medium is authentic but the second sells just seems off.

    Opinions? I'm a big bag girl and although I'd prefer the large, if it ends up on being fake I'd go for the medium too.
  2. OK- I have the medium tote in...yes...3 colors..I went crazy shopping at Saks one day..LOL.The medium looks ok but the leather seems off..shiny....not like mine..not sure if its bad quality pics or not.
    Also- I LOVE HUGE bags and the medium is more than adequate.The large is freakin luggage size.I carry big bags(the Fendi spy..) so trust me when I say the medium size is ok .
  3. Hi -- I agree w/ Jill, the leather is not right on the medium tote. Gucci leather is never cracked looking like that. It's very smooth and slightly pebbled.

    The apprehension I have for the 2nd listing is that they use stock photos.
  4. The sale price of SOME medium colors was around 507-I beleive