Thinking About Taking The Plunge On My First LV...!

  1. (Okay, well I wouldn't be buying until Feb, but I like to plan out major purchases well in advance. I've been lurking here for a while as well -- I'm mostly active over in the Coach forums -- so I'll try to get all the details and such right!)

    I'm thinking about the mono Speedy 25 -- how is this for a first bag? I'm about 5'2" and 95, so I'm thinking it'll be the best Speedy model in terms of how it looks on me. Owners of this size of Speedy, how much can you fit in there on any given day? How much does it sag (I'm not sure if I like the sag or not, really)? Vachetta -- how fragile is it in terms of rain, etc, and should I worry?

    Also, which is better to order from IYO? Elux or

    Thanks for reading, and I hope my deluge of questions aren't stupid ones. :biggrin:
  2. first of all, congrats on "taking the plunge" and getting an LV!

    the mono speedy sounds like the perfect first LV bag. i don't own a speedy myself, though i have checked them out at a store. the 25 is way too small for me, but then again i'm 5'6". the 25 would probably work for you. and as for the sag, there are cardboard inserts you can get to make a "floor" for the Speedy so that it doesn't sag.

    good luck, and post pics on whatever you get!
  3. I bought the 30 a while back and returned it because I felt it was too big. I bought the 25 on Friday. When I got it home and put my things in it, it just seemed too small. It did fit everything but I just like to have a little extra room to carry a book or water bottle, if I want.

    This is what it did fit: wallet, makeup case, glasses, keys, hand sanitizer, hand cream, small first aid kit (I'm a mom of 4!). Everything fit very well BUT I just felt I wanted some "cushion room", just in case.

    Both the 25 and 30 Speedy are ADORABLE and CLASSIC. You cannot go wrong with either bag! If you are within an hour to an LV store, I would make the trip to try it in person and put your things in it.
  4. Sounds perfect! Im 5'2 and the speedy 25 is a great size on me i think lol (hehe it was my first bag too!)
  5. Sounds great.
  6. I think the Speedy Mono is a terrific first LV bag...

    I love the Speedy a lot, and intend to get more.

    I am 1.63cm and about 44kg and the Speedy 25 looks fine with my frame. However if I should wish to carry more bulky items like a cardigan, waterbottle etc I will go with the 30 or my Josephine PM.

    Do not worry if you do not like the sag, you can always put a base to prevent that from happening.

  7. I would get the 30.. 25 seems too small.... good luck with your first LV purchase :smile:
  8. go for it!
  9. You'll just be missing the price increase deadline!!! (this wednesday!)
  10. Congratulations on the plunge! :woohoo:
    IMO, the 30 is the perfect. I can hold my agenda book, cellphone, wristlet, wallet, a sweater, shades, and a small makeup bag, and to me it still doesn't look bulky. The 30 isn't too much bigger than the 25, when you compare the two in the mirror. I just love the look of the 30 overall...and pssst, I'm a towering 5'-0 tall. hehe
  11. i have 2 25's and a 30, it really all depends on what you carry, but i love the cute look of the 25! i'm 5'3'' and about 120lbs, but i feel that the 30 looks a bit big on me.
  12. considering ur so patite the 25 or 30 would be a good choice!!!
    as is my understanding-- the smaller the bag the smaller the sag,(that rhyming was unintentional)
    good luck
  13. I guess I went My very first LV was the Speedy 35. I felt the 25 was way to small and I didn't want to struggle getting things out the top. I would say go with the 30. As for the sagging... you can go on eBay and purchase base shapers. Either choice you make you won't be disappointed. The Speedy bag is a timeless classic.
  14. Okay, the Speedy has been ordered as of like 8PM! I even got expedited shipping, which is proof I've lost my mind since I never do that. :p

    I can't wait for it to arrive! I went for the 25 - if it isn't big enough I'll know when I see it, so I'll just pack it back away and get the 30. So exciting!!
  15. Congrats on your first LV!! Please post pics when it arrives.