Thinking about Spring

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  1. Last spring/summer we started out cool on the Prada fairy but by fall, most of us were smitten. My obsession started with a picture of the bag in a magazine ad in one of the Spring fashion issues. Has anyone spied Prada's "it" bag for Spring 09 yet? Inquiring minds are dying to know.

  2. It sure as heck won't be them gawdawful jewel puppies! :yucky:
  3. I so agree. I was searching for my beloved Cervo Antic drawstring tote on Saks, etc., yesterday, and was shocked when all the jeweled things came up!!
  4. Anything with jewels would probably get marked down. In fact, I think the gals on this forum are great at spotting the sure winners. I remember most of us agreeing that the flying lace/leather dumpling bowlers would go on sale and they did.

    Even the limited edition lace screen printed purse went on sale.

    I've been flipping through my fashion magazines and don't see anything that screams wow. There's trend towards exotics of course (like that would go out of style anytime soon) but the prices would probably deter buyers until the sales start.

    There are a few items that I would love to get but nothing that I want NOW.
  5. I don't know whether to be disappointed or grateful.
  6. Hold on gals, I have the pix, but have to wait until she tells me I can post it. It should be tonight or tomorrow. Linpaddy, you one smart gal, it is exotic, but the price not as bad as you think.

    They just got the bags today!!!
  7. So far there's nothing that makes me cry at its beauty...thank gawd! I'm going to be so good this year! :graucho: