Thinking about Spring.....

  1. ......and noticed that my handbag shelf inside my armoire has a vacancy for a little something.

    What do you guys think of an Etoupe Web II?????? Do you think this style bag is casual enough yet with a bit of sophistication to take me through almost any situation during the warm, sunny months? And, if not......I'd love some recommendations.......(no bright colors know me...........) :rolleyes:
  2. I think that bag sounds LOVELY. I would suggest swift with it (a particular fav of mine in that colour) but you already have it in Havanne, right? What leather did you have in mind?
  3. Etoupe Web II it is S'mom!
  4. s'mom, you have great taste.. I trust you will fill the space with something stunning...ummm, why not a bolide?
  5. What does Muffin think? :graucho:
  6. Remind me what the Web II is. Is that like a bolide with a pocket? Or am I confusing it with something else?
  7. For summer? How 'bout something white? :graucho:

    Etoupe would too though, I think!
  8. etoupe would be lovely in the summer. i always think a 28cm retourne kelly fits the bill. etoupe swift. pretty!
  9. I like Etoupe in a few styles. I think a Web II would look great in that color. I normally pay close attention to what colors you like, S'Mom, because I'm one of those people who can't wear bright colors either. So if I were looking for a 'warm and sunny' weather bag I'd either pick Gold or Etoupe - and I'd like Etoupe more.
  10. Etoupe swift is TD4! You cannot go wrong with this combo, and in a Web it will be functional as it is beautiful!
  11. yup, with the slightly shorter handles.

    And S'mom,I think it could work. How often do you use the strap on your Bolide? Does the Web II have the strap? that was always a question for me. But I love Etoupe and push it whenever possible.

  12. Thank you guys.......just got back from the H store in my neck of the woods and they had a bunch of etoupe Lindy's but no Web's....not that I'm in the market at the moment (too much else going on) but I always like to see what's available.

    I do like the Web II very much.....ABBY it is the one with the shorter handles and the pocket in the front. It's lovely and a bit smaller than the Bolide but has no strap. I'm not sure if that will bother me in the long run though......hmmmmmm

    Muffin is keeping her opinion to herself....she's sneaky that way.........
  13. Thanks, S'Mom and MrsMorris :heart: Then I think that's the bag that beautiful Icechick was carrying around on her visit this fall.
    Yoohoo...Icechick...Muffin wants to see your bag!!
  14. Funny you should ask. My Alaskan boutique USED to have an etoupe swift web II (PH). I remember that it was quite petite and ladylike.
  15. Oh, I'll bet that was a pretty bag in the Swift.......I think it would be lovely in Etoupe Swift with white stitching.......hmmmmmm......