Thinking about something metallic (gold)

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  1. Ever since I got this bag


    I am craving for more Metallic gold. I need something bigger in gold. I am thinking of a large Carly (Bronze) or the large Sig Stripe Shoulder bag.



    I would love last year's Sig Stripe in Gold.. Did they make it in a Shoulder Tote? The one that is open (Dogleash clip) and 1 Strap.

    Which one? Any other suggestions? I have to sell some bags that I don't use for my new purchases so I can't make any rash decisions, LOL!

    Thanks :kiss:
  2. I vote for the Carly. :rochard:
  3. CARLY! So pretty. The new Sig Stripe is too similar to the bag you already have IMHO.
  4. I like the Carly
  5. absolutely the carly.
  6. I like all of them! I have a white sig duffle bag with gold metallic accents...maybe another option? Otherwise... I prefer the carly from your two choices and your first pic of the bag you already that bag! Do you have a style number for it? Thanks much!

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  7. cute that looks like last years shoulder tote but no, they didnt make last years in gold. what about the hamptons carryall in gold? (in my avatar) i just got one, i LOVE it!