Thinking about selling two of my babies (LV of course) Need advice

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  1. #1 Sep 24, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2010
    Ok so I am thinking about selling two of my purses because I no longer use them and also find them to be rather small for me now. (I do not want to say what type or where I am selling the bags because I am not trying to advertise the sale). I just need advice from anyone who has sold their bags in the past. Have you had any regrets? Do you think you got the correct amount or did you feel short changed afterwards?

    I guess I am just nervous because I take my LV collection seriously and I have never done anything like this before.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks ahead of time.
  2. I sold my speedy 25 and my Monty GM recently. My speedy 25 was too small and my Monty GM just wasnt comfortable, they were taking up room and were not being used. Just see it this know you will not use them, wouldnt you rather have some money to buy something you will adore and use everyday? They are not doing you or anyone any good if they are just sitting in the closet, sell them and let them fulfill their destiny and be loved again! Plus it will clear some space for something new :graucho:

    I didnt fell short changed, i was very happy with the sale price, considering my bags were both used.
  3. I've never sold any of my LV bags yet but I have sold a Bal bag before and sold it for a super low price at a consignment shop. I didn't miss it at all as it was in bad condition in terms of the colour (yellowing, fading, etc). But having said this, I'm never going to sell my bags to shops like this ever again (LV or non-LV) because the amount you get is just too low and I'd rather that my bags just sit in my closet than to be robbed off the amount I should get for my bags. I'd look into selling my bags at Ebay but it's not that easy to sell that way too.
  4. I have sold several LV bags and the one I most regret is my mono Alma! There are days that I think darn I wish I still had that bag. And then I think well I sold it to get the Delightful MM that I use way more.

    So in terms of what I paid for the bag and sold it for I came out even!

    Good luck
  5. Yes there are bags that I regret selling. I sold mostly on ebay and took a hit each time. I regretted selling my MC Alma and MC Speedy. Those 2 I miss more than anything else! With the fees these days on ebay I would much rather sell on bonanza or somewhere else then sell on ebay again.
  6. Honestly I don't regret selling any of my bags because they just go to fund new bags. They are just sitting there not getting used anyway. The thing is though, lately, nothing has been selling. I have had to list and relist a lot of times without luck. Now I've just completely gave up and decided to take a break until the holidays roll around.

    Plus with all the horror stories I've been reading from the eBay forum, I really don't know if I want to sell my things on there anymore. Consignment is not an option for me because they suck the blood out of your sale.

    Maybe Bonanza is my new go to...? Anyway, good luck with your decison!
  7. A few months after I bought my first LV (speedy), I bought a cherry blossome pouchette ("used" but never used). I think its the prettiest bag ever! But after sitting on my shelf for a year and a half I decided to sell it. Im glad I did, I got the $ I payed for it back, and hopefully the person who bought it will use it! It was just way way too small...and Im in college so I dont have the extra $ to have an expensive bag just lookin pretty on my shelf.
  8. So far I have sold 3 bags - a Prada gauffre shoulder bag, a Burberry Mini Manor bag and a LV T&B Mini Pochette in Damier. All through consignment stores as I did not want the hassle of dealing directly with buyers. No regrets so far, since I no longer use them.
  9. I sell LV's I no longer use to help fund new LV's!! I have always sold on ebay with Buy It Now auctions, so I get the price I want.
  10. I also sold bags in the past to fund newer ones..The crazy thing is that I have them sitting around for about a year in the dust bag then I remember I have a new bag that has not been used then I have no intrest in the bag anyore .. I HAVE BAG ISSUES...
  11. I just started to "clean" up the collection. First I sold a Burberry tote, probably to cheap because I had 25 mails after the first 10 min...
    Now I just put a LV wallet and a purse out for sale. Been searching ebay and consigment stores to find the "correct"price. The wallet are sold, but still haven't anyone been willing to pay what I want for the bag. (Been out for 2 days...) But if I don't get what I want, I just keep it. I don't have to sell it, and the modell and colour (venris) is discontinued....
    I'v been using a norwegian page, and thinkt that is ok.
    It feels ok to sell them, a tiny pain in the heart when it's gone, but.... It's a reason why I don't use it, and if someone else loves it...... a week after I sold the burberry I met the "old" lady who bought it.. And she loved it, and looked fab whit it:smile:
  12. I have given plenty away to my sisters, never any regrets doing that! ;)
  13. It can be a dilemma, I have a bag I'm thinking of selling but am not sure how to go about it. I've only bought on ebay before so have no feedback as a seller. I have even less experience with Bonanzle and craigslist seems like a real bother in some ways. With a consignment store they'll deal with all the hassles but you won't get as much money. You could try doing a buy it now on ebay or set a reserve price to try to get what you want. ebay is strange though since there are deals but other items are priced the same or more as in store (if it's a limited edition, I understand but not so much for regular items). I wonder if marketplaza is any better...although it'll take me years to qualify and possibly get in.
  14. Thank you ladies for all your stories about selling bags. Sixela your right about thigs not selling. I actually checked out ebay to see how much LV bags were going for and none were selling and I saw one with a bid of 32 bucks! Maybe I will wait ti'll the holidays.
  15. Yes, and No....

    I have ever only sold one LV, which was my first LV. It was Speedy 35 from 1986 it had a busted zipper, a patched hole on the side, huge ink stains and super dark vachetta? Sounds pretty ugly right? It was all I could afford at the time, and I sold it to put money towards another LV. Well I regret ever selling it.

    Even if you don't use them, they might still be nice to have around. Granted if they are older bags you probably won't get much for them anyway.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!