Thinking about selling off a few bags....

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  1. OK, Magenta Bleecker is going back..

    But Lately I have been thinking I have WAY too many bags... I have bought so many bags this year and I don't get to use them all the time because I am a SAHM and I have the kids with me most of the time.... I think I want to sell some and maybe buy one that I LOVE, and is just for me.

    I will admit I have a problem with buying things on sale too.. I didn't pay full price for any of them.. haha

    here are the ones on the chopping block.. I have bags in multiples so most of these I have another in another color.. lol


    Either the Turquoise or the Vintage ergos ... not both..

    Citron Legacy Shoulder... I have a Whiskey one that is much more practical color wise.. I do really love the citron color, but I can live without it.

    Denim Sig Tote... I don't like the open top on this bag.. I have been using my Carly with the kids and I like it better actually..

    Khaki/Black Ali.... I know, I just bought it!!!!! But I don't REALLY need it!! Plus I love my white Ali better...

    What do you think? Which ergo should go? Would you be able to part with these beauties?
  2. I wouldn't be able to part with the sig Carly or the turquise Ergo or the shoulder bag. Turqoise is not a common color and is a nice accent to like browns or an all black outfit. The shoulder bag could be a more of a going out without the kids bag. I don't know the tote you could use for your stuff and the kids stuff.
  3. I have thought about doing the very same thing but to me, the money you get from eBay just doesn't justify it. There are some great bargains out there now for shoppers and I think I would regret taking such a cut on a bag that I still may use someday.
  4. So since you have tested this out When I transition from diaper bag to a regular everyday bag do you think Carly would be the bag for me too ? I was thinking tote but Carly makes more sense. Let me know what you can fit in there for the kids. I have a preschooler and an almost 1yo TIA
  5. I think Carly is a GREAT transition bag from your diaper bag! Now that it is winter time here in NY, when I am out shopping w/ my kids I can put their gloves and hats in her so I dont have to stuff them into my coat pockets making me look HUGE!!!!! LOL I carry practically NOTHING in my Carly on an everyday basis....just my wallet, gum, checkbook, credit card holder, coupon holder, tissues, lipstick, tylenol case, and sunglasses, so on the days I dont have my kids w/ me when they are at school, I can enjoy the TRUE SLOUCH of the unfilled large Carly! Carly is THE BEST BAG IMO!!!!!!! :tup:

  6. I use my large Carly with the large Purseket. I have a toddler and an 11 month old so I carry diapers for both, a sippy cup, a bottle, travel formula container ( almost time to get rid of these!!!! :yahoo:) Slim wipe container, bib, snacks, purell, various little items in the purseket pockets like band aids, hair bands for my little girl, my lip gloss etc)

    and a bleecker capacity wristlet for my stuff ..

    I can fit all of this in that tote too, but I like the zipper top on my Carly and it's all a tight squeeze... I can't wait to be rid of the bottle and formula and the diapers for my toddler!
  7. good luck with your sales .. the Denim Sig Tote is cute :smile:

    I like you have been selling off bags and revising my collection.
  8. I would sell the turquoise ergo and the denim tote. And maybe the citron shoulder bag, but I do like that color. I wouldn't sell the sig Ali...I sold my Ali just like this and I've regretted it ever since!
  9. This is so sad! :sad: But if you have to do it here's my vote:

    Keep the turquoise ergo and sell the other. The color is great, but you have a whiskey legacy shoulder that probably goes with everyting (plus it has that legacy lining!). Spring is coming soon and that turquoise would be awesome!

    Sell the citron. I almost bought the same one, but second guessed the practicality of the color vs. the price of the bag. Granted, I liked the citron, but couldn't realistically gage how often I would wear it.

    Sell the denim tote. I have this in the khaki w/brown signature stripe and I, like you, do not like the way the top opens up. I'm thinking of getting a Carly myself for when I'm running around with my 2 year old.

    Keep the sig ali. Why? Well, I just love her but don't have one myself. I purchased it when it first came out and then I returned it. :push: Now I regret it!

    The $$ you get from the ergo, citron, and tote--buy an even more fabulous bag or bags! Plus, I bet you will find another awesome color this spring!

  10. OMG, I'm getting married soon & hadn't even THOUGHT about diaper bags!!! Good excuse to buy a new bag, and there are soooo many cute ones out! But how the heck will I carry a diaper bag AND my normal bag? I'm a large bag girl anyway! My shoulder & back will never forgive me!
  11. I would keep an ergo, probably the turquoise because it is more rare and you have a whisey shoulder.. after that if you are still choosing I would keep the ali. I also like to sell things off to help for the new ones, not just cost wise but I am not a big bag switcher either and I am a sahm. :yes:
  12. I also forgot that I have a Natural Ali coming to me from eBay!:wtf: I have problems... That may have to go too. I have 15 bags now counting the Bleecker and the Ali that is coming...

    I think a ban is in order until I sell some things... maybe:graucho:
  13. I would sell the vintage (whiskey?) ergo (same reason because you have the whiskey shoulder bag), sell the citron shoulder bag(not practical color), sell the denim tote (because you don't like the open top).
    I would keep the signature khaki/black Ali and the turquoise Ergo.. They're so beautiful and my favorites in the picture. Good luck with your decision:tup:

  14. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:
  15. Do you like your ali or are you thinking it is not your style? What is right for one is not always right for another... :shrugs: