:::: Thinking About Selling My SOPHIE for a SAC PLAT! Yes or No? ::::


What Should I Do?

  1. Keep the Damier Sophie

  2. Sell the Damier Sophie and get the Damier Sac Plat

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  1. Hey Guys and Gals! :smile:

    Well, I'm a little un-decisive here and I need a little help from you all.

    I currently have a Damier Sophie but I have been thinking about getting a Damier Sac Plat .... BUT in order to get the Damier Sac Plat I would have to sell my Damier Sophie because I can't afford both due to me being low on money right now.

    My college tuition emptied out my bank account and my college books took up the rest of the money I had left on my 2 credit cards. *sigh*

    I have been thinking about this for awhile and have come up with the following Pros and Cons for both bags.

    Damier Sophie:

    :tup: PROS: Limited Edition (not seen very often), Shoulder Bag (hands free)

    :tdown: CONS: Too Small (I can't fit everything I want in it), Gold Plaque (gets scratched extremely easily)

    Damier Sac Plat:

    :tup: PROS: Large Bag (I can fit everything I want to take with me), Professional Look (has a business type looks to it which would be perfect for up-coming interviews after I finish college)

    :tdown: CONS: Handheld Bag (not hands free), Odd Shape (way to tall and thin)

    What do you all think? Keep the Damier Sophie .... OR .... Sell the Damier Sophie and get the Damier Sac Plat?

    THANK YOU So Much For Your Advice and/or Vote in advanced! :flowers:
  2. keep the sophie! I don't like the sac plat at all...
  3. Keep the Sophie!! I'm not a sac plat fan personally.
  4. I love the sac plat I just got the PM in epi but because of it's shape it really doesn't fit that much it is hot though!!!
  5. keep the sophie and save up for the sac plat! it might take a while before you have the bag but then you have both!
  6. I actually like the look of the sac plat very much but i wouldn't sell my sophie to get one... Maybe you should wait a bit to purchase the sac plat?
  7. Dont sell the sophie. You will regret it. :sad:
  8. Hmm, very true.

    It would be GREAT to have both and if I save up for the Sac Plat it will take quite awhile before I will be able to get it but I guess that will be okay since the Sac Plat is not going anywhere.

    "All good things comes to those who wait." .... BUT I HATE waiting when I really want something. :hysteric:

    *HeHe* :biggrin: I'm not a very patient person when it comes to LV.

    However, waiting and saving up just might make me appreciate the Sac Plat a bit more when I finally get it.
  9. Keep the Damier Sophie
  10. I would keep the Damier Sophie and buy the Sac Plat later. I have a cerises sac plat and I love it but not everyone can get a Sophie.
  11. i prefer the sophie, so i would keep it!
  12. You need to think long and hard about what would get more use from you. I don't think any of us can really tell you that and this is especially true since these bags are so vastly different.
  13. Keep the Sophie!
    The Sophie is very very beautiful and cute, and the Sac Plat is so boring.
  14. yup..keep the sophie and save for the sac plat!!
  15. NOOOOO!!!!!! Keep the Sophie!!!!!!!!!!!