Thinking about selling my blue silverado~~

  1. I think im ready to let her go...:amuse: Its a little sad, but someones gonna be really happy to give her a new home:love:
    She is a Beauty:heart: and so unique !!!
    silverado_2.jpg silverado_1.jpg
  2. I think that might be the same bag that I almost bought on sale last night! Is it from this year?
  3. oh really? its a really beautiful bag, isnt' it?:yes: no, its not from this year, as you can see, its a much softer color:love: !!
  4. So many fakes on eBay right now, im afraid ppl will go for the fakes for much lower prices!!!!!
    Should i give a go, see if i can sell it for a good price, or rather i just keep it?!
  5. If you aren't carrying it, list it!
  6. hmm...i dont carry it that much, i'm slowly changing my obsession to b-bags.
  7. Oh that is so pretty. But I agree if you aren't using it, list it.
  8. haha~thanks!!!im still debating if i should list it on eBay or not...:shocked: seems hard somehow.
  9. blue I relisted mine for the 2nd time on eBay for $600 (WAY under retail) and it still hasn't sold. I have the receipt and the bag is perfect so I don't understand it. I don't think resale is good for this style right might be worth hanging onto if you don't want to take a loss or if you aren't sure you want to sell.
  10. Thanks for filling me in blue! Unfortunately I'm really short on cash right now, sighs, and if anything I am holding out for the new mini Paddy with black lock (TDF!). I'm sorry to hear you're letting this beauty go though, may I ask why so soon?
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